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Authors Auditions!

Hey everyone!
Welcome to the Authors Auditions! I'm in the search for authors because it has been rather hard for me to post at this time of year. Y'know, school and stuff like that. I'm so happy that you want to join the AJH community! Before you do that, I'll need you to follow these steps for the registration!
1. I'll need you to make up a nickname, so I could introduce you to the readers
2. Your AJ user, so I could add you or inform you
3. The Time you can post on (AJH time)
4. Your experience with posting (How many times have you posted)
5. The Subjects of your posts (Rare Monday Items, New Items etc.)
6. Your email (So I could add you to the Authors list)
That's all, you can either comment these or send them to my email: (I should really change my email o.o) Those are all of the things you need to include into your registration. If you get in I'll send you a Jam A Gram on AJ or an Email. Thank you for joining!


  1. So, I dont have a google plus account so.... yea sadly I cant try out ad actually if you looked in the comment a few post I put that. I dont know if you saw it but.. yea
    Anyway, I'm filling out the form for fun

    1. hiphopbunny12345
    2. Never posted
    3. Wednesday Morning 2-3 am-ish, Frinday Mornings 2-3 am-ish (We have different time zones)
    4. RIM's, New Items, Updates, Random rants I need to get out, The usual
    5. Said In 3

  2. 1. Arctic

    2. arcticpenguin661

    3. Varies

    4. Have my own blog at (please follow), part of like 100 million others

    5. Glitches, scammers, items, rants, everything



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5. Don't spam!
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