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AJH chat

1. No swearing! Every 2 swears you will get a warning. If you ignore the warning 2 times, you will be kicked or even banned!
2. No adult content! If any adult content is shared or told, you will be banned right away with no warnings!
3. No bullying! Keep your buddies and other Jammers safe, don't let them get bullied, if someone's bullied, inform an Administator or a Moderator!
Moderator and Administator rules:
Same rules apply just some rules with the warning and the banning!
1. You must give the person a warning before banning or kicking. If they don't pay attention to the warning and keep on doing what they were warned for. Kick or Ban the person.
2. You can only ban for 1 hour!
That's all, I think! Enjoy chatting and Happy Jamming!


So, you're about to comment, eh? Go ahead! Just be sure to follow these rules:
1. Don't use bad language!
2. Do NOT bully others!
3. Respects others' opinions and have one of your own!
4. Think before you publish, be sure there's nothing that can hurt anyone (talk)
5. Don't spam!
I think that's all! If your comment follows all these rules, then go ahead and publish it! Jam On!