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Hiya Jammers!
And welcome to AJH's official Q&A page! Here, you can ask me all sorts of questions, and once I see them, I'll reply right away! Though, there is 1 rule I'd like everyone to follow!
1. No personal info, please. (That would unclude my adress, last name, mobile/home phone)
I think that one is pretty clear, eh? Also, if you want to ask me some advice, go ahead! But, if you'd like only me to see the question, just send it over to and I'll answer it once I have the chance! Remember, this applies to people that don't want to share their questions. I think that's all about it.. Just 1 simple message:
Yeah.. I think that's all... Happy Jamming everyone!


  1. Do you play Ace Attorney?

  2. Replies
    1. Yes.. And you'll never guess what flavour... PIE FLAVOUR!

  3. Replies
    1. Not really, no. And even if I did, I wouldn't be able to tell it to you unless it's reusable

  4. My parents will not get me a membership. They say AJ is a waist of time (i know, i didn't spell that right) and it is not educational. I HAVE WAITED FOR MY B-DAY AND CHRISTMAS! nothing. I share my friend's member account, but she is always spending the diamonds I get and changing the style of my animals! What should I do??

    1. Ok, so first, I'd suggest showing your parents around Jamaa, especially the journey book, because it teaches you a lot. Or you could host a yard sale or something like that to get the money and then ask them to buy the membership for your own money. And t be honest, being a member isn't that great, it gets boring after a while. Also it's waste. I hope I helped

  5. How do I trade with u? r , r I wanna trade with peeps and pplz be like NUUUUU I AM BUSY and they r just walkin around... Kinda weird, Oh and tell meh ur use so i can trade with ya instead of ppl rejecting meh...

  6. i have a code for 60 diamonds
    and i have a memder acc you can have it

  7. Can i buddy u?

  8. Are you REALLY rare on aj? :O :3

  9. wut is rare curly wig worth????


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