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Art Commissions

Hey Jammers!
On this page I will take Art Comisions. What you will have to do to get an Art Commission:
1st. Post a comment beloow on this page
2nd. Tell me what to draw and what kind of drawing it should be (Doodle, Computer drawing, etc. It must be in the same comment)
3rd. Include your username
4th. Wait for you Art Commission to be done. (It might take a few days, might take a week it depends on how busy I am at that time) I am looking forward to your commissions!


  1. can you draw a grey cat with green eyes? maybe computer drawing :3
    blogger user is my aj user :3

  2. Sure! I'm on it :3
    Sorry I didn't do it earlier, was really busy :(

  3. Can you make a hand drawn picture of a black cat with eyes like little emeralds. You could use fake gems for the eyes.
    I am cheeselover12345 a buddy

  4. Can you draw my OC, Nebula? You can look at my main website for a reference, or my profile pic, but just in case, she's an icy blue cat like creature with a white blaze and underfur, teal ears and front paws, cyan star, moon, and swirl shaped markings with cyan stripes down her legs, white wings with lavender flecks, lavender eyes with VERY dark purple pupils, and gray talons on her back legs. Also, optionally, she wears a lavender neck ribbon and/or a teal flower behind her ear. She has a long, fluffy tail with peacock-like feather trails coming out from above it. Is that too complex?

  5. Username: 2fangwolf
    Type of Drawing: any
    Drawing of: my arctic wolf :) there's a picture on the side of my blog

  6. Username: Cutie51660
    Drawing Type: Computer please! :D
    Drawing of: My fox, Snickety Snowyspirit. The one wearing the tan mech.

  7. Uzanaim: mifi
    Taip: enyfing
    Droweeng: me fox kween vainclaws
    serch mikasa ackerman for referance of itemz (sorri if there ar inapropreeat pics onlain they ar oll fan art)
    BTW you should change the page to Drawing Requests, since a request doesn't require payment, unlike commissions which require payment.


  8. User: hiphopbunny12345
    Type: Computer
    Drawing: My artic wolf

  9. Hey ancientclawz. Thanks for doing this. I'd greatly appreciate a digital drawing (computer) of my penguin. What he's wearing is his Night of the Phantoms costume. Also, you may not be able to see it, but he's also wearing an old blanket. It's orange with grey patches. Thank you so much!

  10. Hiya!
    user: mesha336
    Type: computer
    drawing: my arctic wolf with the headdress

  11. XxboomerblastxX13 July 2015 at 17:19

    Hi fellow jammer!
    I am XxboomerblastxX, or Boomer. I have a youtube channel and I need to update my channel art. Can I have my fox named ''Awesome Majorjammer'' on there? It has black flames and a black mech. If you could do this I would be so greatful! Also, if it could be digital that would be absolutely pawsome! Keep being a jamtastic jammer! Bye!


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