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Friday, 16 January 2015

Space Lamps and Important notes

Heya Jammers!
So sorry I haven't posted in the past 3 days, but I was just way too busy upgrading my school grades, doing homework and studying (School can be rough sometimes. And by sometimes I meant always) But since I'm back for now I'll post the 3 new items that have showed up in Jamaa! But first, the important note. I will post the Play Wild Beta pictures some time this week (January 17 - January 18) so be sure to come back and see if there's anything up! Now comes the item part! We have 3 new space themed items, which are the Sun, Moon and Star Lamps!
 They look amazing ♥ I love space and the secrets that hide beneath it so much. Over 50,000 sightings are recorded every year, but almost all of them are fake or are just strange objects/lights in the sky. Also, AJH is celebrating it's 1st Birthday this month! The date has passed but I will host the party like at the end of January. I can't believe that it has been a year since I launched AJH and posted the first post ever. A lot has changed since then and so did I, so did the level of every reader's awesomeness. It has rose a lot! I want to thank EVERYONE out there, even the ones who don't like this blog for viewing it and leaving positive/negative comments. (Hey, don't judge me, negative is still something) I really hope I can post more this year but I'm not really sure if that might happen, since I'm going to go to a high rank school so it will be a lot harder for me to post, sorry :c But that doesn't mean I won't try. I think that the posting times will change a lot.
Also, I'm opening up Author Auditions today (There will be a separate page with all the steps in it)
It has been rather a while since I included specials in my posts, like facts and stuff like that. If you have any ideas you can share them in the comments, if I use the idea I'll definitely give you credit for submitting it. (If you have a blog or some channel you want to get more views on, you can also include that in the idea comment and I'll make a link on my post) That's pretty much all for today, The new items, the big Thanks to all of you awesome readers. I'll pack this post up with this hilarious cat gif I found a while ago but wasn't sure about uploading!
That cat has got #swag and #sass ♥w♥ (I never thought I would use hash tags..) Just look at that kitty with the can on her head, such epicness. By the writing on the can you can tell the cat's either from Japan, China or Asia.That's all for today, be sure to come back and see if the Authors Auditions are up . I will starting writing it once I put this post up. So until then, Happy Jamming!


  1. that cat said the s word :(

    1. I still don't get it. How come it's a bad word?

    2. Me neither it's kinda like saying oh crap.

    3. It's considered a "bad word" <-- that expression sounds so childish and elementary school-ish that it makes me laugh
      //says "bad words" all the time

    4. littlekitten (i changed my user)25 January 2015 at 01:18

      Well it aint really a bad word to me either! Maybe its cause im older and stuff but, maybe the anon was young soo yeah..

  2. Busy? I had the most important teast in 8 years today....... no joke.



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