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Sunday, 11 January 2015

News, items and Suspended

Hey Snowflakes!
Sorry for the past 3 days that I didn't post on, I have been really busy with school and it got really hard once again. (I don't think that I'll ever be able to post the way I used to before, sorry >_<) And on top of that I also got suspended from AJ for no reason. Thank you, AJHQ, thank you so much. (I wasn't able to get screen shots of some of the items because I had some problems with my Internet since Thursday. Anyways, we have the first Jamaa Journal of 2015! Here's the Jamaa Journal:
The kawaii Pandas are here! •w• Finally! I have been waiting for them to come out since I saw them in that leak! Of course, I bought one, checked out their costume thing, and the items there are just way too cute to be true :o It can cosplay as a bee, a red panda, Shifu and some other thing. (Still haven't checked out the special ones in the pet parties)

 Such cuties! ♥o♥ So far, I have 2 pandas with 1 that is cosplaying as a bee and the other ones as a red panda :3 Sadly, they're in the diamond shop.
Next page announces the Panda Adoption and the whole new Bounce House Party! (That party is awesome and the stalker Panda returns...) 
You can find these banners all over Jamaa, and when you click on them...
This little board thing pops up and tells us that if we adopt 50,000 panda pets, AJHQ will adopt a real-life panda. I'm not even sure how to feel about that, hopefully they mean to adopt it and name it, not bring it home. Because let's face it, giving one of the most endangered animals in existance to AJHQ doesn't sound like such a good idea. Also, when you click on the ''Adopt'' button, a board pops up where you can adopt a pet panda! Next is the Bounce house party, another thing that was leaked before it's release
The party was on when I just got on, so I was lucky enough to get in. There's a nuch of stuff you can do inside. First of all, the most important part of the whole party, the bounce house itself!
When you enter, your animal and pet, yes, I said pet start to automatically hop around, which is rather insane! You bounce everywhere! The floor, the stairs (That's a bad idea if you want to do it in real) 

Look at the scenery, the party takes place in an empty forest :o (Sounds creepy enough)

The only places you can't hop on automatically are the little net platforms before sliding. (In this picture I chose the hop action)
Cheetahs were held as the only animal in Jamaa that sits straight. Not anymore.
There's also a store there with some inflatable furniture parts!
The sad thing is, most of the items except for the Inflatable Ottoman are for members only. I think it's rather unfair in this case. If you want to check out the furniture's actual size before buying, there's the whole set (I think) in the right corner from the shop.
They seem comfy.. (I was wrong, there's no lamp in the set preview)
Next, we have another Den Item Contest from AJHQ! This one is rather interesting, since we can choose from; Deep Space, Pizza Parlor and Paint Studio! And as the last one, there are 2 themes that I like and 1 that I don't like that much. The one I don't like most is the Deep Space one, because it seems kinda boring, now the Paint Studio on the other hand, you can use the items to make it look like your den is under construction and stuff like that. I also like the Pizza Parlor one, but not as much as the Paint Studio for some reason and it's kinda weird, since I always like the food ones better :o Be sure to vote for your favorite!
WOW! Another animal is coming soon! Hopefully that this year, it won't be for diamonds, because it's annoying that every animal last year in the Diamond Shop. Though, before I solved this, I thought about the details in the pieces. 2 Horns, Talons, Wing parts and I figured it's an owl and then I solved it and here we have it, the new animal is...
An Owl! I have actually waited for these animals to come out for SO LONG. I thought that these would come before the Eagles because they're much smaller. Hopefully they won't disappoint and be in the Diamond Shop. We should really send AJHQ letters begging them not to make it for Diamonds. Because if they're not for Diamonds, they have a chance of becoming for everyone at some point. But wouldn't it be awesome if they came out for gems and for everyone? That would be like the best thing ever! The only thing that annoys me about these new animals is that AJHQ always revelas how they will look like. I liked the Polar Bear one where we had to guess what animal was it, or the Cheetah one! But now, it takes the interesting out of the mystery. That's pretty much all I ahve to say for today. I failed to upload the pictures of the Play Wild Beta to my computer so I'll try again tomorrow, so stay tuned! Did you like the new update? What about the owls, are you happy they're coming? If no, why? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!


  1. Finally I can comment on your blog! Great post!

  2. Great blog! ^.^ Also, I'm really exited for the owls! I hope they are for gems though. But if they are not, (we all know AJHQ and the little greedy people that work there), then I still got 10 dimaonds saved up. IM GONNA BUY SOME OWLS, GOT JUST 10 DIAMONDS IN MY POCKET, THIS IS SO EXITING, AND NOW APPERANTLY I AM SINGING, BUT OWLS SURE ARE AWESOME! <----- Thrift Shop parody right there. 😎


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