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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Items, Jamaalidays, New Years and so much more!

Heya Jammers!
Before I say anything, Happy New Years to everyone! I hope you all had a great News Year celebration and will have an awesome year in 2015! Whew time went by in 2014, it's like 2014 wasn't even here! In other news, I am back to posting after my very long ''day off'' which continued for 3 or 4 maybe even more weeks, and I am SO sorry to everyone for doing so without telling anyone! Just that it got really stressful at the end of the year since we had like 4 exams on the last week >_< Later I got a little bit sick and didn't feel like doing anything so I just stayed in bed and drank some warm tea. Gotta Love Tea ♥ But since I'm back, I thought it's time to get back on tracks and start to post again! Here's the Jamaa Journal from the last update on 2014
This is the first page of the Journal and it tells us that Pet Foxes have returned to Jamaa! I was starting to miss these fuzzy wittle pups. (I know they're not actual puppies but they are in the canine family)
On the next page, we have news about a new seasonal adventure to go with the Jamaalidays theme, Jamaaliday Rescue. In this adventure you have to collect gifts while you try to reach the centre of the maze. Both sound familiar. When you get into the adventure a Deer meets you at the start and tells you what happened, then you're pretty much free to run around and do what you want. But, this adventure can't be found around Jamaa or in the Adventure Base Camp, you can only find it in the Party List
When you click this you simply get teleported to the adventure. In this adventure, the number of presents is 450, but I actually collected 455 our of 450. In case you don't believe, me here's a picture to prove it:
The Present number is at the top left corner. There are some pretty fabulous prizes in this awesome adventure like Snow TV, Pine Cone Trees, Phantom Ice Sculpture and I think you can get the Ice Mira Statue in this as well. I'm not sure though...
On the 3rd page we are told of a lot Jamaaliday based items coming soon to Jamaa and trust me, there are a lot. And I mean a LOT. I'm not gonna name all of them, but here are the pictures of every single new Jamaaliday based item that I missed to post about:
Ok so, these are all the Den items that are in the Jamaalidays theme, but how many items are there? Let's count? 3 • 2 • 5 +1 = 31 (The floating dot is the multiply symbol where I come from) 31 items... that ain't bad... ain't bad at all... whew! And 18 out of them are for everyone! Great job AJHQ! You really made these Holidays special for everyone! Including the gifts, where they gave out the first Balloon that's for everyone which is just crazy now that I think of it! Next are the items from Jam Mart Clothing
These are all the items that are Jamaaliday based and New (I added the Top Coat and the Snowboarding helmet because I didn't post about them) Once again, we have a few items that we never actually saw. There are 14 items in total that are new and only 5 of them are for everyone so that's a little bit disappointing. Gotta give credit for the creativity though! The new Reindeer slippers are just so dang cute! :o Next come so Treetop Garden items!
So there are 21 new items in total but only 1 of them is for all Jammers, the Carnation flower. I still think that non-members deserve to have at least some of the topiaries, like all of the animals that are for everyone topiaries could be for everyone. Because this is sad to look at. Next are the rest of the items in Jamaa
Epic Wonders (Furniture orb)
Shiveer Shoppe (That yeti mask is just so amazing *o*)
Diamond Shop (Dang such awesome items, especially the cloak!)
Epic Wonders (Clothing orb. Simply love these! These help out a lot with the Sawsbuck outfits :o All I need are the spring Sawsbuck antlers which would include Cherry Blossom flowers)
Sunken Treasures
Bahari Bargains. That's all for the new items, so let's move on with the Jamaa Journal!
Ok, to be honest, 2014 wasn't really the best year. It wasn't even close to as what it was like in 2013. The only thing I actually liked were the parties, the animals, the dens and the pets. I actually liked everything just that it would be better if everything wasn't for members only and for diamonds. Pretty much every single new den/animal/pet that has come out in 2014 was in the Diamond shop. Hopefully we won't have that problem in 2015. And wouldn't it be awesome if they made another Member animal to an animal for everyone? Like the fox, or raccoon, or rhino or pretty much any animal, as long as it's for everyone, I'll be happy.
And this is the last page of the Journal which reminds us about the Polar Bear pets that you can get by redeeming any membership gift card. I think that the polar bear pets will come out at some point into the diamond shop, so don't worry if you don't get one. That's pretty much all for today.. whew, that was a lot of typing. If I remember I'll post about the New Years party that's on in Jamaa! But until then, I say farewell and leave you off with this gif of a talented Kitty that could beat you badly at Jenga: 
That kitty is boss.And look, she's/he's not even trying! ♥w♥ That's all I have to post about for today, so see you next time! What was your favourite moment of 2014? How did you spend your holidays? Were they the holidays you would always remember? Leave a comment below and don't forget to Jam On!
PS: I was cleaning my computer files and accidentally deleted my signature so I'll add it here later


  1. *gasp* YOU'RE BACK!!! :O :)

    Aww, that stinks. Glad that's over with. (You bring sick and exams, I mean. <--) Whelp, you sure did miss a LOT of items and updates! XD

    That is one smart kitty. o.o lol

  2. The yeti mask b4 the bounce party update was glitched now its not.

    (glitched items YAY)


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