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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A bunch of new items and a note

Hey Everyone!
Today is one beautiful Tuesday! The snow is falling, it's slippery and so cold! Gotta love that kind of weather! ♥w♥ Along with this fine day we have a brand new item, the Pool table!
This is one awesome item, though don't you think it would be awesome if the definition would be more accurate and there would be an actual pool inside a table. That would be my kind of item :o This item comes in a lot of colours and is clickable, so when you come across it, be sure to click on it! There are also some other items that I forgot to post about in the past days
This is the Pink Flamingo, you can find it in Jam Mart Clothing. It is actually in the Play Wild Beta game, of which I can't seem to upload pictures of. I'll try again tomorrow, hopefully it will work.
 The Crocodile Claw, this was released along with the update (I forgot to add it in the post, sorry)
The Firefly necklace has made a comeback to Epic Wonders!
Mohawks have also returned! :3 That's all for the items. Now for the note part, it has come to my attention that some people are rather mad that I sometimes get off the theme of Animal Jam and start posting about Pokemon and stuff. But to be fair the title is Animal Jam Hail. Don't understand it yet? Each part has it's own definition
Animal - Nature
Jam - Food
Hail - Weather Condition
So that means I'm able to post about Animals, Food, Weather. And how about this, since we have the Nature part, that means:
Nature - Humans, Plants, Animals
Humans - Things that were created by humans (Technology, Art, Music)
Technology - Any kind of device
Device - Things that you can do on it (Games, Apps)
To put it all in one sentence; The possibilities of post themes are endless. That's pretty much all I have to say for today! And that note wasn't targeted at all of you, just the ones that think me posting about different things is ''bad''. Also, Animal Jam isn't gonna last forever, it will close at some point and this blog will change. A lot. The title, the articles maybe even the whole template, who knows? So just enjoy it while you can, cause even the best dreams can disappear at any moment. Lastly, today's gif! 
This happens to me all the time, I'm walking on the streets and suddenly, le wild ice appears! :o Also, I have found this awesome gif with cats, but I'm not sure if I should upload it because some might complain about it because one of the cats says a ''bad'' word (I don't think it's a bad word though) But the ''bad'' word only flashes for at least 2 seconds or so, so I don't think it's that much of a big deal. That's all I have the time for today! What other items would you like to see come out next? Do you find the new items awesome? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

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  1. As long as its not the F, S, or B word I think it's fine.


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