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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Update, Items, leaks and more!

Hey Everyone!
I am finally available to post! I'm so sorry for the past 3-5 days that I haven't posted on. I have been rather busy with school (Evil School strikes again) and a project I'm working on, which I'll post on here once I'm done! School is gonne be out for me on December 19th, so after that, I will be free as a bee! (Not really, because bees spend most of their life working) So basically, 2 more weeks (of Hell) to go! Since I'm free I thought I could post about what's new in Jamaa, so let's start, shall we? First off, the Jamaa (-liday) Journal!
By the looks of it, the update isn't rather big, they just added some items, a den, a party, a pet and a game. (And a lot of reminders) Nothing much to talk about on this post so we should move on.
On the 2nd page, we have news about the Gingerbread hosue finally returning after the long year. And you have to Admit, dens would look so much nicer that way it's drawn on the page. The rooms could show up when we actually walk in to the den. Ahh that would change the view to the better! You can grab this sweet den at the Diamond Shop! (See what I did there? No?)
My favorite part of this den is probably the Gumdrop/Wafer candy roof. If you don't know what Wafers are here's a little picture: 
See it now? They are just a kind of candy that literally melts in your mouth! So delicious! :3
This page informs us about the return of the Jamaaliday Gift bag at the Diamond Shop and a new Buddy Game that has jsut been released, Pairs.
Here's the gift bag, when you open it up, poof! A wittle store!
The best part about it is that everything in the store is for 1 diamond only! Tomorrow, everyone will get a free diamond (Both members and non-members) so you will be able to purchase any of these! Now I think you've noticed that The Jamaaliday Bag and Jamaaliday Candy Cane Fence aren't here. Well it's because they we're the daily gift of yesterday and the day before yesterday. But that's not all with the Diamond Shop, there are a bunch of other stuff in the other shops of the Diamond Shop, like the clothing/den item shop:
Yep, you got that right, Stone Swords and Long Bows are now available in the Diamond Shop and they come in some quite awesome colors. We also got the Panda claw and the Gingerbread Ttreehouse. The top always made me think it's a Jail cell. I'm not sure why. And over at the Music Shop (Diamond Shop) we got the Jamaalidays original, Jamaaliday Jingle!
I have been waiting for this to come out for 3 years now. My dream has coem true! :o
Over at the 5th page we have a reminder of the Daily Jamaaliday Gifts Calendar. So don't miss any of the gifts. Speaking of which, as you could say by the title, there will be leaks. But not the Animal/pet/den kind of leaks, just Jamaaliday gift item leaks. And they weren't leaked by some Jammer, they were leaked/put to parties and lands by AJHQ themselves! Here are a few I spotted:
 Icicle Streamer (I can't wait for this to be released)
Jamaaliday cocoa set? (So Kawaii! •w•)
Candy Cane Archway
Jamaaliday Mailbox
Pile of presents
Creepy Snowman
''It doesn't have to be a snowman'' -Anna 2013
Santa's sled
Jamaaliday Lamppost (Can't wait for this either!)
Snowflake Streamers (This as well)
And last, but never least, the Jamaaliday Fire Pit. Now this, this is absolutely epic! And look at the ''coal'' in it. It looks like Reindeer poop! (Ye gotta love me reindeer pewp) Also, the reason why I didn't post the 4th and 6th pages is that they're pretty much reminders. And lastly, the new items around Jamaa!
 Jam Mart Furniture
Shiveer Shoppe
And lastly, Bahari Bargains! That's pretty much all for today! If I'm not too busy, I will post tomorrow, if not well you know the rest. Did you like this update? If not, why? Leave a comment below and Happy Jamming!


  1. #postbeforeieatu
    jk XD but srsly u havent posted in a week

    1. 12 days and counting

    2. 2 weeks 1 days ok i give up *leaves*

    3. 2 weeks 3 days
      merry christmas

    4. 3 weeks
      dude r u alive did u forget :(

  2. The snowflake streamer already came out, so we're just waiting for the rest! XD!


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