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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Gingerbread Stremer, Jolly Elf Hat and a Christmas miracle!

Hey everyone!
What a fantastic day today is! The weather outside is perfect for snow, yet, there's no snow. Booey. I was rather busy with homework today so this post is a little bit odd-timed (I think this time is going to become a usual time of posting..) Today we have the 2nd gift of the Jamaalidays, which is the Gingerbread Streamer!
Important note: This picture belongs to Meloetta385 from Animal Jam Flash (I forgot to snap a picture when I opened up the gift, sorry)
This is quite a Jamaalidayish item if you ask me :o And if you click on the Gingerbread men they move and crum :3 We also have got a returning item in Jam Mart Clothing, which is the Jolly Elf Hat!
It's so nice to have at least some originals left without extra colors that the originals of have the rare plaque, the item itself is rather Holidayish, but I have no idea why, but Elves freak me out. A lot. Those pointy ears. Those Beady eyes. Anyways, now time for the ''Christmas Miracle'' Take a look at this picture:
Some of you might notice something different about this and some might not. Take a closer look at the border. There's no membership lock or golden ribbon thing! String of Leaves is once again for everyone! I'm so happy that AJHQ did this, because streamers aren't quite the item that only members should get. That's pretty much all for today except the gif, which is right here: 
So cute! ♥o♥ That's gonna be quite a dog! That's all for today! What other items would you like to see come out next? Have you noticed anything in Jamaa? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

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