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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wood Burning Stove and Mysteries/Leaks

Hiya Jammers!
I've been rather sick for the past 3 days so I didn't have much access to the internet, so sorry. To pay up I'll talk about some leaks that were leaked by AJHQ themselves, but first today's new item, the Wood Burning Stove!
Oooh this is a great item! Especially if you're trying to make like a cottage for the upcoming winter! :o A cocoa machine, this stove and some pillows/mats, you got yourself quite a convenient little house! Plus, this stove is eco-friendly, so you'll enjoy the days you spend and you won't harm nature :3 And now, the leaks that AJHQ has leaked themselves!
Lion Family Coloring Page 
I think most of you remember this photo when I posed it like 4 months ago (Yikes, I don't think anyone would remember that) but some people did say that this is just a random picture of a lion family. But, on the most recent update, lion cubs were released and look what's on top of the male lion's head, a lion cub! And the cub in the picture looks a lot like the lion we have in the Diamond Shop right now. But, there's another animal in this picture. It's a lioness, which should REALLY be an animal in Jamaa. And since the Lion cub came out, I hope the Lioness does too. Here's another photo in the Daily Explorer that leaks another pet
Snow Leopard Coloring Page 
Yep, a snow leopard cub! Like the lion cub, it should probably come out in a few months or so, maybe tomorrow? Hmm... But that's not the only thing that cought my eye in these pictures. Look at the background, the safari/mountainy place were never actually released in Jamaa. (Of course, unless the Mountain place is Mt. Shiveer and the Safari is Appondale) Lastly, another picture that cought my attention:
Phantom Fortress Coloring Page 
The building behind the phantoms.. could it be the Phantom Beacon? Or maybe the Phantom Fortress? It is most likely to be the Phantom Beacon, because in the last pure land adventure, (The Search For Greely) Greely shew us this weird hologram of a building he called ''The Phantom Beacon''. It's a tall building in the middle of a forest that is guarded by hundreads of thousands of phantoms. It is also referred as the Phantom Base, where phantoms plan their attacks/evil plans. Sadly, those are all the photos that have leaks in them. So what could all of these actually mean? Will we see the Lioness, The Snow Leopard Cub and The new adventure soon? Future will tell. But until then, enjoy this gif! 
I still don't understand if that's adorable or mean, probably both. But on the bright side, the wittle panda did do something like a front flip :o Pandas are just too cute! ♥ Also, don't forget, tomorrow's update day, so prepare for quite a long post! :3 Until then, Happy Jamming!

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