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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Turkey Hats and new poll!

Hey Jammers!
Sorry for this odd-timed post, I have been really busy today because we had to take Bella to the Vet so she could get her monthly shots (So she wouldn't get any diseases or parasites) Well I'm back now so it's time to post! Today, we have an old, yet awesome returning item, the Turkey Hat!
This is trully one of my favorites from all of the items in Jamaa! I know, I know, it doesn't build up many great costumes but it sure is pretty epic! You can put it on any animal, sleep (Be sure it's standing up) and jsut pretend you're a turkey. These items go best on the smaller animals; like bunnies and raccoons (They look kinda weird on penguins, though) And the best part about this item, is that it still hasn't gained a ''rare'' plaque and got different colors. Because the ones it has now are just perfect! :3 As for the next topic; I think that it's pretty annoying when I keep calling you ''Jammers'' at the start of every single post, isn't it? I know it might be confusing, since some of the readers aren't actually Animal Jam Players :P But, how about this; I'll put a poll in a moment that asks you what would you like to be called at the start of all the posts. The names will be more into the whole hail or icy weather theme, so there won't be anything like: ''Darlings" ''Rainbows'' or ''Dogaroos''. Not only because they would sound weird and creepy, but also because they ahve nothing to do with ice and weather, except for maybe a rainbow, which now that I think about it doesn't count as a weather condition, it's more of a Natural Phenomena.. Well anyways, be sure to check the blog in around 5 minutes for a new poll! I will add some more names later (maybe rounds? 3 names will go to the final and the winenr wil lbe chosen, what do you think?) That's all I have to say about the poll. I guess this is a goodbye... But naaah, I still need to give you this gif as a present for viewing this blog! 
Some turkeys just go all wobbley after hearing the idea of them being for dinner.. (Look at the little kid, he/she just rolls at the end!) I'd suggest to just order a pizza, it can't harm you in anyway! At least that was I was told to say... Oops... That's all just about it! What other items would you like to see come out next? Did you like today's new item? What about the gif; did you laugh at that little girl/boy or the turkey for standing up for itself? Do you have a dark sense of humor too? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

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