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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Topaz Birthstone and Contest news!

Hiya Jammers!
So sorry for this odd-timed post. Where I am, we celebrate the Day of the Death so me and my family had to go to the cemetary and clean up the graves of our Family members but now I'm back so I should reaaaaallly post! Today, we have the 1st of November, which means, a new birthstone for our collection! This month's birthstone is the Topaz Birthstone! :3
Such a beautiful birthstone :o Also, when I added the leaks of the upcoming items/pets/dens/parties, I forgot to include this amazing photo!
Amazing, right!? Each animal has it's Coin! And on the top row, we can see all the colors of the coins (Only the wolf collection, though) But could this mean that they have released more animal coins? That would be so amazing! :o Also, while I was just bored in Jamaa, I followed a friend of mine and found this account:
It seems that Obama is a beta tester... Wow... Also, you all know that contest I hosted, right? Well, the results are finally out! And here's how it all came out!
1. FunAnimalJammmer - 20 points
Because FunAnimalJammmer earned all the points, he wins! (Sorry if I got your gender wrong >.<)
2. DewDropReptile and 2FangWolf - 18.5 points!
Not bad :o Congrats to them as well (I will definetly give a gift for entering the contest)
3. HipHopBunny12345 - 18 points!
Once again, not bad! (I'll also be giving you a gift for entering the contest)
4. Rainbow000Pegasus and Chinabird5 - 16 points
Also, not bad! I'm really happy that no one got 10- points from this contest. And like the others, I'll give you a gift for entering the contest :3
This wasn't the last contest I hosted, there will be way more ahead, so be sure to come back and see if there's a contest on the Contests page! 
That's all the time I have for today, so I'll leave you off with a gif! :3
Poor girl ;o; But it's a life leason, eh? Don't go on diets, be who you are :I Well that's all for today! What theme should the next Contest be? Leave your ideas in comment below and Keep On Jamming! (And remember, don't go on diets >_<)


  1. Congrats Animalfunjammer! Hope you enjoy the spike. :)

  2. wait i won? omg
    and im a girl :)

    1. Yeah, congrats! And sorry about that x3 also, we will need to plan a meet up, so I could trade you the spike c:


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