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Friday, 7 November 2014

Salon Products!

Hiya Jammers!
Today I had quite lots to do involving school stuff and out of school stuff. But, for all these posts, that I've forgot to post, or posted, but they were missing something, I thought I could make it up to you guys. Though, I'm not sure what to do to actually entertain everyone out there reading this, so how about this? Just tell me what to do to pay up for these days (In total there are 16 days that I didn't post on and over 25 days that the posts were boring to read) And I'll do it! Of course, if it doesn't involve personal stuff :P So just leave your ideas in the comments and I'll see which ones sound best! Anywho, today we have a brand new item to go into our Hair Salon set, and that would be the Salon Products!
This item seems neat, but to be honest, I don't really like this whole ''hair salon'' theme. Like it would be more awesome if there was a Pet den item set, with beds, tables, and oooooh what about dens for pets? In which we could play as our pets and decorate the dens! That would be so freakin' amazing! Especially if they added Hunger, Energy, Health and Higiene to the pets. So we could actually feed the pets, put the to sleep, wash them (which is already a feature) and even maybe go on adventures with them, they could be like wittle sidekicks! It stinks so badly that pets can't go on to the Animal Adventures. Imagine a wittle ducky taking out a giant phantom! (I should really make like an AJ comic about that..) Well, I think you get my point, pets should be more important to AJ and even more involved in the story. And insted of buying it, we could get them for free when we start our adventures in AJ. So there could be a board that says: ''Pick your partner" and then at the bottom of it, it could say: "Don't worry, you will be able to find way more pets and add them to your team in your future travels!" Don't you think THAT should happen? Because now, it's like pets are just some pixels that are mostly not even important to the game.. Also, in my opinion, I think that the 4 main pets: Duck, Dog, Cat and Frog should be for all, since they have been around the longest :P And whew, that's a lot of reading, eh? I won't waste your time and just end this post! Remember, comment your ideas on how I should pay back all those boring posts and days with no actual posts! Until then, enjoy this adorable little gif! 
Oh my goodness, this is just hugs to my eyes! ♥_♥ Unfortunatly, I have no time left to add anything else to this post (I think I added enough O.o) So I'll just leave you off with a few quick questions! What do you think of all this ''Hair Salon'' theme? Do you like it or dislike it? Why? What do you think of that idea, of pets becoming more important to AJ? Do you support it, or not? Leave a comment below expressing how you feel and Keep On Jamming!

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