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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Salon Magazine Table and more!

Hiya Jammers!
I am so sorry that I didn't post yesterday I didn't have any time because of all the homework our teachers gave us. I sat in front of my table until 2:19 am until I actually finished my homework. But, the important part is, I finished all of the assignments :3 Yesterday, we had a rare monday on which the Rare Sweater ahs been sold. (No picture) But, today we have another new item in the whole Hair Salon theme, The Salon Magazine table!
This item seems quite neat and it's a good thing it's for everyone! My favorite part about all of these Salon items, is that they have the neon glowing stripes all over them! :o It looks so... Arcade-ish!
 Please do not continue further if you are easily scared (Of course, this is not too scary) or don't like reading a lot
 As for the pay up for yesterday, I'll just add up a random theme! So let's get started! By this point, I think that all of you have heard of the deadly virus, Ebola. Ebola is a virus that destroys your whole organism and you start bleeding from everywhere! And I mean from everywhere... Eyes, Nose, Mouth, you name it! (Of course, you can't bleed from skin, since that's impossible) The source of this virus is Africa, it has been reported that over 100 lives have been taken away in Africa because of this virus. And... it actually gets worse... There have been reports of 2 female Africans that died after suffering Ebola, which later actually rose from the dead.. They are called the ''Ebola Zombies''. People that heard of this are simply terrified (including me) since the zombies aren't quite friendly. In fact, they are quite dangerous to be around. Not just because of the virus they spread, but the damage they might cause. I know that most of you don't want an Ebola zombie apocalypse to happen, but think it in this way; you and a bunch of other people, creating hideouts, hiding, trying to survive. It would be kinda like Minecraft in real life! Since you'd need to collect resources to craft weapons and armor and of course, find food. I understand the whole fear of apocalypses, but I think that there's a small part in you that's craving for at least one to happen! That's actually all I have to say :P
You can continue now
Well, since that's all, I shall leave you off with a gif! 
Imagine actually having a conversation with this dog! :o Such a cutie :3 Well that's just about all! What did you think of today's new item? What other items are you expecting to see? Leave a coment below and Keep On Jamming!


  1. That gif though <3
    Also, the "rising from the dead" stories have been proven to be fake. The images shown in the reports are actually photoshopped versions of a screenshot from the movie World War Z.
    For proof go here:
    So yeah.
    Nice post though. Nice to see someone out there cares. =)

  2. *breathes* Its in Africa
    *Is never going to Africa
    *hides in a corner from zombies*
    They dont spread the disease
    I'm ok


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