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Monday, 24 November 2014

Rare Turkey Hat

Hiya Gobblers!
What a lovely day today is, don't you think? By that, I mean the weather not the day ''Monday''. Mondays are really the worst unless you like going to school or job. At least I think so :P With this lovely day, we have a brand new rare in store for us, the Rare Turkey Hat!
This rare looks so fabulous :o Especially that colour match! (Kinda reminds me of Freedom Day. Though, the old Freedom day items with the lighter colors) This could make a pretty great part to any freedom outfits. Next, There's this page in the Polar Bear Minibook that includes a lot of animals that might come out in some time.
So this page shows us Polar Bears, a Walrus, a Beluga Whale, an Arctic Fox, some Atlantic Puffins and Seagulls, a Humpback Whale and a Manatee. These animals sure look like they belong to Jamaa, not too big (except the humpback whale) but also epic! Imagine Walruses, Manatees, Puffins, Arctic Foxes and what appear to be Seagulls come out as animals or pets! Jamaa really needs another flying animal, just that this one should be for gems. And for everyone. What do you think about this page? Do you think it's a sign of new animals coming out soon? Lastly, today's gif! 
So Cute! Whenever it's an animal doing something it's not made for, it's just way too cute! :o That's pretty much all for today! Did you enjoy today's rare? What about the new animals; do you think they might come out anytime soon? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

1 comment:

  1. Poor walrus. Having to do crunches. :c

    Wait. It's a walrus, right? XD

    PS: It's hailing where I am. (lol idk o3o)


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