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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Polar Bears, New pet and more!

Hey Jammers!
Today we have got quite an epic update from the AJHQ! New animal, new pet, new exhibits and more, so let's start, shall we? First off, the Jamaa Journal!
First page and we already have got awesome news; Polar Bears have finally come to Jamaa! Sadly, they're sold in the Diamond Shop.. (As Always) I was lucky and patient enough to have 10 diamonds to buy 1 of these jolly creatures! Here are all the moves (From Land to Underwater)
Dance (Land)
Play (Land) 
This is just way too cute!
And Sit:
(Hopefully the videos appear) The Polar bears might be just the cutest wittle creatures in Jamaa! (Of course, all of the animals are adorable) Now come the underwater actions!
Dance (Underwater)
Play (Underwater) This is also just too cute
That's all for the actions. Polar bears turned out to be quite an amazing animal, eh? Since people were actually complaining that it will be useless because we already have pandas... But they were wrong. Moving on!
This is the second page and we have news about the Feast of Thanks appearing in Jamaa and brand new colours of Gloves coming to Jamaa! You can find the gloves in Jam Mart clothing!
This item is currently on sale, so be sure to grab it before the prices rises up! This item comes in 8 different colours, and these are all of them:
Such pretty colours! :o Some of the gloves go quite well with some of the Elf Tail Armours from the Diamond Shop, like the orange one with green/blue gems or the black one with red gems, even the green one with purple gems! Moving on to the next page!
On this page, we have new about a brand new minibook and a whole new exhibit at the Museum!
This is the minibook's mini chamber. Don't forget to click the little patches to get a special prize when you collect them all! The Temple also got a brand new banner in the celebration of these animals coming to Jamaa!
I guess they will add other mini books when they re-introduce animals that left/got endangered or release new ones. Next is the exhibit at the Museum which is called ''Life at the Poles''.
This exhibit includes facts, videos and the animation featuring the Polar Bears: ''Snow Delicious''. I still wonder if it means like: Delicious snow or Delicious as snow. Hmm..
On the 4th page we have a reminder about the Jamaalidays coming to Jamaa quite soon, so with the Holidays, we will also get daily gifts from the Gift Calendar. Hopefully there will be more diamonds in this year's calendar :P
On the last page we have news about a new pet Polar Bear, which can be obtained when retailing an Animal Jam Gift Card! :3 (Hopefully it will come out to the Diamond Shop, like the Ice Armour last year) I still wonder if it's for everyone :o Lastly, today's new item!
Such a cute basket! ♥ Personally, I'm a huge fan of fruits and berries. This item comes in loads of colors, I would show you them but I don't really have any inventory slots to buy these items (I should really put some of the items to my storage). And that's all for this update! This was a rather awesome update, don't you think? What did you think of today's update? Did you like it, or not? Why? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!


  1. Late comment, but, wow, I won! Congrats to all the winners!

    1. The previous contest.

      Okay, maybe not won.
      Maybe I just passed.

      I never get anything straight.


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