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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Huge update! Pet Lions, Sky Kingdom Twists and Turns and way more!

Hiya Jammers!
Today is Thursday, and we've got an awesome update from the AJHQ, which seem to have stopped caring about people that can't afford membership... There's a lot to post about so let's get started, shall we? A lot new in the Jamaa Journal!
This is the first page and from the looks of this, there's gonna be a lot of new stuff! First off, the new den, Sky Kingdom! (Another leak that actually came true)
This den is trully amazing! It has a forest that has a weather effect, a local village I suppose and a castle. There are also a lot of slides here, including a rainbow slide... This den itself is awesome, I have nothing to complain about, the only thing that sickens me is that it's in the Diamond Shop.. Once again in the Diamond Shop... Think about it, there still hasn't been a SINGLE pet/animal/den this year, that would be for gems. Only for diamonds... Though, why? Hopefully, by the end of this year or earlier, they will make at least 1 member animal for all, or even release an animal that's ALREADY for all! That would be great...
Here we have the 2nd page! On thi spage, we have news about the adorable little Lion Cubs coming to Jamaa! (Once again, a leak came to be true!) And once again.. in the Diamond Shop.. Sometimes I just want to whack AJHQ with a shovel so badly >-< On the right, we have a new video in title: ''Snow Delicious" featuring the Polar Bears that will be soon coming to Jamaa! (Another leak comfirmed.. wow...)
 These are the Lion Cubs, such cuties! ♥ And from the looks of it, they have quite a lot of hairdoos! (No hairdoo, Stylish Hairdoo, Mane and growing Mane that's not finished growing)
3rd page! We have a brand new adventure in store for us! It's called ''Twists and Turns'' and it's basically an adventure where you have to find the center of a maze that's made out of corn. The map itself changes everytime you play it, but there can be a lot of Jammers in the adventure, so if you need help, ask anybody! You can enter the adventure by entering these portals that can be found all over Jamaa:
Looks sweet :o There's also a small section for this adventure at the Base Camp as well (no picture) These are all the Prizes I've got so far:
Giant Pumpkin
Harvest Wagon
And last, but not least, the Cornstalk Lantern. So far, none of these items have an action, which is a little bit disapointing, especially the lantern. Lanterns were made to light things up, weren't they? Also, there's also a bad part to this adventure...
There's actually a prize that's for Members Only! Seriously AJHQ!? What did non-members actually do to you guys.. Sheesh..
Last page! I think we've all seen this coming that the Hair Salon item set will come to Jam Mart Furniture at some point, so it's no surprise, really.. :P
These are all the items that are availabe (There will be way more, so keep your eyes peeled) There's also a sale on the Ice Armor. But, it's not the whole set, only a few items of the set. Out of all this update, the thing that was most upsetting is this:
String of Leves is now officially for members only... Why though...? Hopefully this will be like with the Annemone bows in the first year they were given, when later a board came up saying something like this:
''Those Pesky phantoms have put up a lock on today's gift!''
I really hope it's something like that. In the total, this update seems more like an update for members :L I would blab about AJHQ being unfair towards members but that's all I have time for today. I'm simply ehxausted and still a mountain of homework on the desk... Did you like today's update? If yes, what did you like most? If not, what's the least favorite thing in total? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!



  2. I wish aj would make a nm animal for once!!!!!


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