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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Vampire Mask

Hiya Jammers!
Sorry for this odd-timed post, I was away for the whole day at the Art School. But now since I'm back I guess I should post. Of course, this post will be rather short because I have a jab to do tomorrow so I should really go get some rest. And wow, I REALLY need to hire some authors :o Anyways, today's new item is the returning Vampire Mask!
I like the little bat flying next to the mask so much! Although, not a huge fan of vampires... Also, I have added a little more features to the blog. Now, there are more songs in the playlist for you to choose and I turned the Snowflake symbols to the title too. I will be adding more later, I added these small features because I didn't have much time to add more. Now lastly, today's gif! 
Oh wow :o Gotta love Dachshunds! ♥ Such adorable wittle critters :3 Also, I have to apologize for my repeatitive posts I'm not usually the person to repeat things over and over but I jsut have no choice, it's really hard to think of anything at this point. But I will try to make my posts better for you to read! Well that's all for today's post, Keep On Jamming!
PS: If you have any ideas that I could use, leave them in a comment below. I'll give you full credit for it!

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