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Friday, 10 October 2014

Scared Jack-O-Lantern and Eyeball Antena!

Hiya Jammers!
What an amazing day today is! The sun is shining, the leaves are falling, so amazing :3 Along with this great day we have 2 new items! 1 item is a returning one and the other item is a whole new one! So let's get started shall we? First off the returning item, the Scared Jack-O-Lantern!
Such a cute little pumpkin *o* You can find this in the Treetop Gardens along with the Surprised and the Angry Jack-o-Lanterns. Next comes the whole new item, the Eyeball Antena!
Seems kinda creepy but eh.. it's Halloween! :3 Don't you think AJHQ is getting really into the Halloween spirit this year.. :o I hope there will be more on our way and this time, for all Jammers. I think that's all for this post, I'll leave you off with a gif! 
A Jump-roping horse o-o My life is complete now... What other items would you like to see next? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

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  1. why are you not posting :( this is my fav blog


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