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Monday, 27 October 2014

Rare Spooky Top Hat and Mummy Mask

Hiya Jammers!
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I wanted to finish doing the homework before the holidays ended, (So there wouldn't be any stress at the end :P) also, sorry for this rather strange-timed post. I can't seem to find time to pos. Now I usually am either Busy or Away... Anyways, today is Monday, and you all knwo what that means Rare Item Monday! For this monday we have a new Halloween-special (Maybe) rare, The Rare Spooky Top Hat!
 Interesting color match... I guess when the Black/orange items gain the Purple color, the item becomes Spooky. I never actualyl found Black/Orange/Yellow/Purple scary, they are actually some of my favorite colors :P Next comes yesterday's item, the Mummy Mask!
I think that they released the Mummy Mask in the Haunted Forest party too.. But eh, the more - the better! Well that's all for the new items, I'll leave you off with a Gif! 
I have such dark sense of humor... Everytime I see someone get hurt or fall down I laugh, and I don't know why :P I laughed for 10 minutes at this... As an extra I'll throw in another gif :3
Hue Hue Hue, that's what you get for going trough a closed path >:3 And another...
This is how I usually feel when I'm on social networks and stuff like that.. Well that's all for today! Have any other ideas on what the next item/items should be? Leave them in a comment below and Keep On Jamming!


  1. Oh. That's umm.... That's uh. Nice.? O.O

    1. Sorry about that, just thought I could share those x3

    2. No need to be sorry. I found them funny too. Just not as funny as you do, though. XD


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