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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Oh my goodness...

Hiya Jammers!
You all know that little problem I had with trading and gifting, right? Well.. I contacted AJHQ and you wouldn't BELIEVE what happened! (That's why I got photos) It is actually one of the most unbelieveable things that AJHQ has done (maybe). Ok so, I got a mail from AJHQ this morning and I gasped when I saw it! :o
You'll have to read this full (If you want to) If not, here's what important things they added/returned:
I got my trading back, I also got 3 diamonds and 4 EXTRA days for my membership! Which is AMAZING! I logged onto AJ and didn't get like that little box, but I checked my gem amount and yes, I found 3 more diamonds than I had! At first I had 5 diamonds and now:
Amazing, right? I want to thank AJHQ so much for doing this! Now I can buy a new upcoming Diamondshop animal or complete my Diamond shop Animal collection by obtaining a kangaroo. Which one do you think I should get first? (Or maybe I should keep the Diamonds in case lions come back?) Well that's all for this post. Once again, Thank you so much AJHQ! Happy Jamming!


  1. Wait for a while, until the new one comes out (dependin on the days left on your mem)


  2. Oh my goodness! That's so lucky!
    Maybe AJHQ isn't that bad after all...
    But, they still have a few messes here and there... okay, a lot...
    I don't know. Lol. :p

    1. Yeah I agree, AJHQ ain't that bad x3 All they have to change is the fairness to non-members. Because everything being in the Diamond shop or for members only is really unfair. Imagine if there was a non-members only party.. Members might be quite upset about that :P Sure they can use storages but still..(sorry if I din't make any sense)


    : :

    Woah to wow THAT IS SO WOWED!!!

    1. I agree, it's pretty surprising to see this from AJHQ

  4. That's nice, but in some places, sharing emails without the sender's permission is illegal.

    1. Yeah I heard of that, but AJHQ is wel.. AJHQ almost everyone knows their gmail adress by now XD

    2. No. The point is not their email address. It's the content of the email.


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