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Friday, 24 October 2014

New Animal coming soon, More den space and a Bunch of new items!

Hiya Jammers!
Once again, I have to apologize for this whole week. I'm so sorry I couldn't post this week, as it was the last week until the holidays, there were a lot of tests and stuff like that (I got a lot of great grades though!) While I was away, there has been a lot of things added to the game. So let's start, shall we? First off the Jamaa Journal!
Ok, so, first page... We have news about the arial pets, Owls coming back to Jamaa! (Is it just me, or is it if as they never left? Probably just me..) You can find these adorable little critters in the Diamond Shop
On the 2nd page, we have news about members receiving 100+ items to their den storages! Now members can have 400 den slots! How awesome! I have been asking for this for a long time :o But the worst part about this, is that I expected non-members to also get 100+ slots, so members would have 400 and non-members had 300... Speaking of non-member, my membership expired this Sunday, but I'll be getting one back soon.
3rd page tells us about the Sale that's going on in Jamaa, the Super Sale. In all the stores that have Halloween items, some of the items are 50% off! So be sure to check them out and buy your favorite Halloween accessories cheapier! (Note: Not all of the items are on sale) On this right side we have a reminder, that the Night of Phantoms witll be lasting for a few more weeks.
Last page. We have news about a whole new animal that is soon coming to Jamaa! I REALLY hope that at least this one is for gems! And from the looks of it, I think it's a Polar Bear, because fo the large nose, the habitat and the eyes.
Could it be that AJ is bringing Polar bears to Jamaa? If so that would be so amazing! I really can't wait :o Also, it kind of looks like it will be an animal that will come out around the time of Christmas, so maybe it will be like with the Deers? Maybe it will be for gems? Future will tell.. And now, it's time for the brand new items!
Some pretty amazing items, eh? 2 returning and 2 brand new! And is it just me, or does the Zombie mask look like it belongs on a Snow Leopard? (a lot of questions in this post...) You can find these items in Jam Mart Clothing
Such pretty items :o There have been quite a lot of Haunted/spooky items in Jamaa. And most of them are brand new! :3 You can find these in Jam Mart Furniture
2 returning items over at the Bahari Bargains!
And the returning Feathered mask in Epic Wonders. Well that's all for this post! The upcoming week (October 25th - November 2nd) I'll have a holiday in my country, so no school for me! Hopefully I can upgrade the blog and post more oftenly. If it gets hard in the week after the holiday I'll definetly hire authors, so be sure to come back here and check if the Auditions are up! Did you like the update? What do you think is the upcoming animal going to be? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

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