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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hockey Mask and more!

Hiya Jammers!
So sorry for this rather odd-times post. I have been reallyu busy with Art School. Since now I'm on a week off from school I can go to Art School even more (Usually I would go there 1 time a week) The School itself is so amazing, I have already crated a bunch of drawings there and they also allow you to sculpt and stuff like that :3 (I'll share my drawings/sculptures when I claim them back) Today, we only have 1 item returning. But because there's not much to post about in the Animal Jam Topic, I'll add in another silly topic to make the post mroe interesting. So first, the new item, the Hockey Mask!
This item looks great :3 Kinda reminds me of the Serial Killer from the Mexican Chainsaw :o Gotta ♥ Horror movies :3 In fact, tomorrow I'll be watching my 500th horror movie ever! I'm so excited! Speaking about movies... Remember when I promised I would do a Movie review? Well, it's time! At this point I think that msot of you heard about the movie, Maze Runner
The movie is absolutely amazing! During the whole movie I was just thinking to myself: ''What's going to happen next!?" The Special effects were trully amazing! I especially liked the ''villains'' in this movie which are the Greavers. Slimy robotish creatures that can sting you.
Kinda reminds me of Bionicles (Lego Robots that weren't humanish back in the day) This is the Bionicle robot that really reminded me of the Grevers:
Pretty simmilar, eh? At the end, the W.C.K.D. director just tells us that this was only the 1st phase of the experiment, so there will definetly be more Parts to come later. I really can't wait :o So that's all about for today. I'll be updating AJH tomorrow (Hopefully) The music list will be updated, the Contest should be done soon also. So be sure to come back and check if there's anything new! I'll leave you off with this Gif I found! 
Ok, 2 things... 1, I want a tiger now... 2, how did the person get an actual Tiger?! :o Tigers are such cuties :3 Well that's all for this post! Have any ideas on what items should come to AJ? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!
PS: Sorry if this didn't turn out as interesting as I thought it would

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