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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Haunted Bookshelf, Flaming Jack-o-lantern mask and an Outfit idea

Hiya Jammers!
Today we have 2 new items in store for us! 1 is quite unusual and the other one seems formilliar... So let's get started shall we? :3 First off, the Haunted Bookshelf! (The formilliar one)
I know you might be asking: ''How come is this the formilliar one? It has never been released!" But, yes, the item was never released in stores. But it was spotted in the adventure, Bitter Sweets. It can be found in the Lab (I don't have a picture, sorry. I'll add it once I get it) But this isn't the only item that was released from the Bitter Sweets adventure! The Spooky Table (Kimbara Imports) too! (Also in the lab) But in total, this item is just amazing! It has a special action, (No clicking needed) where the books switch their places. Not too handy if you're making a library, eh? Moving on to the never seen item!
This looks SO amazing! The Animation is just so great and it goes so well with everything! I made an outfit (8 different colors) using this one item and some extras.
Ok, I know that the Orange, Black and White/Icy Blue ones would come out better if the wings were a ltitle bit lighter/darker. But in total, I really like this outfit! What you'll need to make this outfit:
1. Flaming Jack-o-lantern mask (Shiveer Shoppe, any color)
2. Any kind of bracelets (Try to get the colors that would match to the pumpkin Mask)
3. Any color Bone tail (Jam Mart Clothing, once again, best to have colors that match the Mask)
4. Fang Necklace (Jam Mart Clothing. I got the black one with white fangs)
5. Epic Dragon Wings (Epic Wonders, As the other, be sure to match them to your Mask)
And there you have a spooky outfit to bring the Halloween spirit to your animals. You can put this on any animal. I used the bunny because I think the Masks look best on bunnies in my opinion. Well that's all for today! I'll update the blog's music list tomorrow if I have any free time, so be sure to come back and check it out! I'm also thinking of making a movie review tomorrow. Not gonna tell ya what movie, it's a surprise. Until then, Keep On Jamming!
PS: I forgot to add the extra questions so here they are:
What do you think of today's new items?
So you want more items like this, or less?


  1. when does the contest end?


  3. Idea: Could you consider doing author tryout cause your so busy all the time? I couldn't enter because I don't have a google account (parent's and their stupid theories. >:O) Congrats on 20,000 view



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