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Friday, 31 October 2014

Frankenstein Mask, Epic Phantom Throne and a bunch more leaks!

Hiya Jammers!
I am finally back home from work and ready to post! Today I'll include a LOT of leaked photos I found when going trough Google images. And they are absolutely amazing! But first, let's get to today's new items! First off, the clothing item, The Frankenstein Mask
Not a huge fan of the color scheme of this item but it does help make a good outfit! Next comes the brand New Den item, The Epic Phantom Throne!
I love this item so much! It doesn't have any actions but the pipes are such great features to this item! The Spiky vines are a pretty cool feature on this too :o Now, come the leaks! There will be quite a lot.
This first one seems to take place in something like a Bouncy Castle den which will probably be either a Den of some sort or a Party. Hopefully a party, because that would be amazing! 
Next, it seems like it's a Gem-encrusted Mira staute. This is probably a part of some den or maybe even a small Temple somewhere in Jamaa? The statue itself looks so amazing!
Remember that Lion Cub with a mane? So it turns out that the mane is just a feature you will be able to add to the Lion Cub Pets! I think that this Lion cub makes a little more sense than the one with the mane. Also, it seems the tail of this little Critter just follow it around! :o
This is so adorable! Hopefully these wittle Puff-balls will be soon available! :o I'm not sure if I already added this to any of the posts...
Next, a Feature rare item? It looks so amazing, imagine having that around your animal :o
Last but certainly not least, we have something that is a lot like a Toilter and a Weight Bench! (They are both items in Tunnel Town. Perhaps we will be able to send items from Tunnel Town to AJ? Kinda like AJ Jump!) Those are all the Leaks I could find, but if I ever find any other leaks, I'll deffinetly share them here, so keep on coming back and checking for more! 
Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of these pictures. Half of these belong to some person named AjInsider
Well that's all for today's post, I'll leave you off with a gif! 
Happy Halloween! 
That dog is making me uncomfortable o.o Well that's all I have time for today! Have any ideas you want to share? Leave them in a comment below and Keep On Jamming!



  2. XD That dog. Funny face.

    And yeah. Lots of leaks recently. I love that bouncy castle thing. ^o^ And that colorful Mira statue... Looks so epic! :O <3


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