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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Fang Necklace and Phantom Journal!

Hiya Jammers!
Today I'll psot a little bit earlier and return to the making of homework (I once again got a mountain of that..) But let's get started, shall we? Today, we have a small mini update from AJHQ, but the news got destoryed by the Phantoms, so now it's ''Phantom Journal'' (I kinda like that... It seems that AJHQ is REALLY getting into that Halloween theme!)
So here it is! (Looks pretty amazing :o Is that a skeleton tail I see? Can't wait for it to come out! Hopefully it's for all) As you can see there is a lto of green and dark purple goop all over the pages.. I don't know why, but I think that phantoms are kinda like bees.. They make honey (The purple goop) and they sting... Hmm... Well anyways, this page tells us about the whole new items coming our way to Jamaa's stores! In fact, we have a whole new item today!
The Fang necklace. Some say is more in for a Goth outfit, I say it's a prehistoric person outfit part :o I did some editing on my cheetah, I made up some items that should really come out...
The items seen on this are: 
Prehistoric T-shirt and claws. (AJ really needs Claws) I know I'm really bad at editing >-<
Looks like someone can't spell... On the 2nd page of the Phantom Journal, you can find news abotu the Spooky Party returning and the fellow Bats coming along with it! (I checked the party list and the party should be up soon)
On the 3rd page we have new about Jamaa's greatest hits, all of your fave Jamaa's tunes are for download in any Online Music Stores! (This was released earlier, so this is kinda like a reminder.. :P)
Nothing new, just a really mean caption from the phantoms.. (They should really go to school..)
Last page... Here we have news about Millions of candy pieces being returned to the Mysterious figure (I think we should check the figure again, because she/he might have unveled his/her personality :o On the rgiht side, we haves news about a new Sketch Jam video in the Art Studio. Be sure to check it out if you'd like to know how to draw a wolf! Also, there's something new to the chat as well!
Hmm.. at least it's not as annoying as the board... (Sadly, the board still comes out from time to time) Well I think that's all for the today's post, I ahve to return to doing the homework.. v.v Did you like today's new item? What about this mini-update? Any favorite parts? Be sure to leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!


  1. I remember when the board warnings didn't exist and it was the chat warnings like that..

  2. Awww phantoms are such adorable squishy lil' thingies c:



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