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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bitter Sweets, Night of the Phantoms, A lot of new items and moar!

Hiya Jammers!
It is FINALLY update day! (I have been looking forward to this update for so long now..) There's a bunch of new stuff in store for us so let's get started! First off, Jamaa Journal!
On this page, we have news about Bitter Sweets, Jamaa's latest and first (almost first since TBA was actually a thing) pet adventure! This adventure is like an upgraded version of TBA and I guess it's now AA (Already Announced)? :P This adventure is absolutely amazing! I have already tried it out and the whole gameplay is kind of like The Forgotten desert, jsut in this case, you have to collect candy! This is the map for BS:
Phantom shape? Amazing! Let's get down with the places.
Top Left, Phantom cave, full of proto-phantoms (The little pip-squeeks we saw in the TBA adventure), small pods that you can break (Will give either 1 gem or 1 candy) and normal sized phantoms
Top Right, secret laboratory. It is full of lasers, normal sized phantoms proto-phantoms, a weird invention that is worked on that looks like this:
This looks both creepy and interesting. Creepy, because it looks like a bat/phantom with bat ears/horns... Interesting because you never know what might happen! The lab also includes a 4 pet unlock panel.
I think it can only be unlocked after you unlock the 4 pet panel in the phantom cave at top left. (In any way, if you see something that glows and has paws, try stepping on it with your buddies)
Middle Left, a huge Pumpkin Patch! Once again, filled with a bunch of proto-phantoms and normal sized phantoms
Middle Right, a Cemetary, full of proto-phantoms and normal sized phantoms
Bottom left, a Spooky Haunted Forest, full of proto-phantoms, Spooky trees, normal sized phantoms
Bottom Right, a huge Swamp, full of proto-phantoms, normal sized phantoms and tree stump platforms that you can walk on. Also, your pet only gets 1 life, so be careful and don't touch any normal sized phantoms! Here are all the prizes I got from the adventure so far:
Such amazing items! And the best part is, for all Jammers! (It would be highly inlogical if they made member-only items in an adventure that was for everyone :P) So we have: On the Top Left and Bottom Right, Candy Flower Patch, Bottom Left, we have Lollipop display (you can't get anything if you click on it), and on Top left, we have the Candy wall lamp. These items are obtained randomly, so you never really know what you'll get. (Which I think is an amazing touch :o) You can enter the Bitter Sweets adventure by going trough the portals that are put around Jamaa, kinda like this:

Be sure to play this adventure, because I think it's like with the special pets and things around Jamaa, it will only be here until Night of the Phantoms lasts. If you can't find these portal, use these arrow pointer to find them!
Kind of helpful at some points :P Well that's all in the BS news, moving to the rest of the update!
On the 2nd page we have news about Pandas and Tarantula Pets! Our long awaited furry pals have finally came back! (Both to Pandas and Tarantulas). As normally, Pandas are for All Jammers and sold for gems! (Thank goodness!) and the Tarantula pets are in the Diamond Shop!
Be sure to grab one of these critters before they leave, since they are seasonal pets that ONLY appear to shops when it's Halloween. Kinda like Bats and Reindeers :P Also, there's a new mini-book in the Chamber of Knowledge so be sure to check that out as well! (It is the second from the exit. It also has the little discovery badges that you can get 100 gems if you collact all of them trough out the book) Next page!
On the 3rd page, we have news about the Nigth of the Phantoms rolling back into Jamaa! But something really cought my eye... They made the word ADVENTURE into a plural.. could that mean that another adventure is coming soon? On the right side, we have news about the Haunter Mansion returning!
Ehh.. really sad it's in the Diamond Shop :L (I think there might be a new plushie collective claw in the Diamond Shop so be sure to check it out) I still don't understand why is it in the Diamond Shop, it was in the regular den shop last year, and the Diamond Shop already existed.. Hmm... Moving on to the next page!
Here we are at the 4th page, where we are reminded about the Phantom Vortex portals that are all around Jamaa. Use them to reach Phantom Vortex and get the special prize after beating the 5th level. On the right side, we have news about the Haunted Forest Party returning to our Party lists! I really can't wait to see this party again, it has been quite a while! Moving on :3
On the 5th page, AJHQ tells us about the new video that has been put into the Art Studio Sketch Jam feature and from the looks of it, they will teach us how to draw Jamaa's pet, the Puppy, so be sure to check it out when you have free time! On the right side, we have news about a brand new shop in Deep Blue that sells the underwater Alpha statues! (FINALLY!!!)
This store is where Phantom's Treasure game used to be, but don't worry they didn't get rid of the game, it's a little bit mroe right now. And in the shop we find:
Tavie the Dolphin Alpha's statue
Calypso the Sea Turtle Alpha's statue
Victor the Octopus Alpha's statue
and Drake the Shark Alpha's statue!
One thing really makes me wonder.. If you buy the statues in the normal rock mode like they're displayed, will you be able to put it in your Land Den..? (There are 2 colors, 1 normal grey and other is cyan and the items that the Alphas are wearing have colors.) Moving to the last page!
Cheetahs are going to be endangered in Jamaa in 2 weeks... Well that's a bummer.. It seems like AJHQ is making a pattern, 1 animal leaves, 1 animal returns.. kinda weird.. (I hope that lions return soon too :o) Now for today's new items!
Bat glasses, Jam Mart Clothing (Good to see an original item return)
Scary Balloons, Jam Mart Furniture (Another original :o)
Pet Haunted Mansion house, Epic Wonders (You might notice that the prize is different, well yes, there's a sale at Epic Wonders den orb)
Phantom Lights, Sunken Treasures (Even more originals :'3) I think that those are all the items that are new for today,I'll post about the Haunted Forest Party once it's on! Until then, I'll have to end this post. What do you think of today's update? Do you like it no? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

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