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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A bunch of new items + Sorry

Hiya Jammers!
I am so sorry about the days I didn't post >_< School is getting over all of my free time, now I can't even jsut sit back and relax unless it's either a Friday or Saturday.. I'm thinking of adding some Authors to the AJH Community (There's no community, it just sounds more important that way :P) But that is only a tought, I'll see, if it will get really hard for me to post, I'll definetly add authors to AJH. Let's get to the Jamaa business, we have quite a LOT of new/returning items in Jamaa in the Halloween theme, and I mean a LOT. First off, the items in Jam Mart Clothing
The Ghost and Skull balloons! These look so adorable :o Especially the ghost... I think it would be more Halloweeny if it had a round/open mouth, don't you think? As for the skull, it looks a lot like the skull helmet, maybe not... It kinda reminds me of it... Next come the Epic Wonders! (First the clothing orb)
Ok, the phantom mask is a returning item that I find awesome because of the eye movement and the placement of all animals (It looks best on elephants in my opinion, since the tusks look like they're holding the mask :o As for the item on the left, it's the Skull Suit a brand new item that was introduced to us just today! And I only have to words to describe it, A-mazing! It looks just so epic on all of the animals, there are some wittle glitches that are found to be annoying and funny. The annoying ones are the Tail and Leg items, which seem to be put under the suit... (No photo, sorry >-<) And the funny one is, if you put this on a cheetah and you play, this is what happens:
It's neck stretches.. a LOT! I have NO idea why, but this kind of reminds me of the original ''fake'' Nessie photo...
Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „nessie“ 
Just look at the photo of Nessie, and then at the Cheetah... they inda have the same body structure :o Next comes the Furniture Orb!
Another original - the Haunted Tree. I think it's more of a polluted tree more than a ''haunted'' tree for some reason, especially the little purple lines under it, they look like that phantoms' pollution thingy, kinda like with the Phantom leg armor :o Lastly, the new item in Bahari Bargains!
It's the Nessie Mask! (Coincidence? :o) I'm still nto sure why most of the head items are called ''Masks'', we still put them on top of our heads and not the face.. There should defeinetly be a face category, so you could wear both a head item and a face item! (Example: Nerd Glasses and a Top Hat) Hmm.. AJHQ should really add more catergories to the dressing up animal section... Also, be sure to keep an eye out for a music list update! (I'll post when I finish updating the music list) And I think that's all for now! I have to return to doing the homework (I still have 10 exercises left ;o; Usually 10+ exercises take around 10 minutes to make. That is, if no dialog/monolog/writting ones...) I'll leave you off with this gif!
I could use a hug too ;o; Such an adorable little critter :3 What other items would you like to see return/come out? Have any ideas? Be sure to share them below and Keep On Jamming!

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