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Friday, 17 October 2014

A bunch of new items + Sorry (Again)

Hiya Jammers!
I am SO sorry for not posting for so long, this week has been so packed up with tests and important school stuff, I just had no time to post, so once again, Sorry >-< I'm thinking of adding authors soon, so be sure to be back to see if the auditions are open. While I was away from the posting duty, AJHQ has released quite a LOT of items, so we better start posting! First off, the new items in Jam Mart Clothing!
So we have 2 new items there. Monstrous hair and the Bone Tail. Now the hair is pretty cool, but the Bone tail is so RADICAL! It looks so amazing on each animal. My favorite part about it, is that the tail has a long spine thing, which continues until your head starts (I'm bad at explaining) It simply looks amazing (No pictures, sorry) Next comes the new item in Jam Mart Furniture
The Phantom Lamp. Quite a creative item! I still can't figure out how it lights up. Does the phantom discharge when sitting in it? Hmm... Next come the Kimbara Imports!
These are the 4 brand new items in Kimbara Imports. And they look amazing! The Coffin and the Lamp have special actions when you click on them, while the fence and table don't. But that's alright! Is it just me, or is AJHQ really getting into the Halloween spirit this year? Coming up next, Epic Wonders! (Both furniture and Clothing orbs)
First, the clothing orb. In it we have probably the cheapiest Epic Wonder items to ever exist! :o The Epic Dragon Skull and the Epic Dragon Wings :3 These work really great when put together. I made an outfit using these 2, the Bone tail and the Fang necklace. (I'll add the picture later)
Now, the furniture orb. In there we have the Bubbling Cauldron. This item looks so amazing! Though, I'm realyl sad that it's not for all. In fact, like almost none of the new items are for all! Why AJHQ? Why? ;-; Now come the Bahari Bargains!
There we have the returning: Clown Mask, Superhero Cape and Jack-o-lantern head. Such pretty items ♥ Next, the Treetop Garden
Over there, we have the full Jack-o-lantern collection!  The Evil, Scared, Surprised and Angry jack-o-lanterns. Well that's all for the new items! There will be an update this upcoming Thursday, so be sure to come back and see what's new! (Not the blog, AJ. Maybe the blog too?) I'll leave you off with today's gif.
revese gif bystanders 
This is both wrong and funny. Note: This gif is reversed, people didn't put a person under a car (You can tell by the smoke and the walking of the people :P) What other items would you like to see next? Leave a comment below and Keep on Jamming!

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