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Friday, 31 October 2014

Frankenstein Mask, Epic Phantom Throne and a bunch more leaks!

Hiya Jammers!
I am finally back home from work and ready to post! Today I'll include a LOT of leaked photos I found when going trough Google images. And they are absolutely amazing! But first, let's get to today's new items! First off, the clothing item, The Frankenstein Mask
Not a huge fan of the color scheme of this item but it does help make a good outfit! Next comes the brand New Den item, The Epic Phantom Throne!
I love this item so much! It doesn't have any actions but the pipes are such great features to this item! The Spiky vines are a pretty cool feature on this too :o Now, come the leaks! There will be quite a lot.
This first one seems to take place in something like a Bouncy Castle den which will probably be either a Den of some sort or a Party. Hopefully a party, because that would be amazing! 
Next, it seems like it's a Gem-encrusted Mira staute. This is probably a part of some den or maybe even a small Temple somewhere in Jamaa? The statue itself looks so amazing!
Remember that Lion Cub with a mane? So it turns out that the mane is just a feature you will be able to add to the Lion Cub Pets! I think that this Lion cub makes a little more sense than the one with the mane. Also, it seems the tail of this little Critter just follow it around! :o
This is so adorable! Hopefully these wittle Puff-balls will be soon available! :o I'm not sure if I already added this to any of the posts...
Next, a Feature rare item? It looks so amazing, imagine having that around your animal :o
Last but certainly not least, we have something that is a lot like a Toilter and a Weight Bench! (They are both items in Tunnel Town. Perhaps we will be able to send items from Tunnel Town to AJ? Kinda like AJ Jump!) Those are all the Leaks I could find, but if I ever find any other leaks, I'll deffinetly share them here, so keep on coming back and checking for more! 
Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of these pictures. Half of these belong to some person named AjInsider
Well that's all for today's post, I'll leave you off with a gif! 
Happy Halloween! 
That dog is making me uncomfortable o.o Well that's all I have time for today! Have any ideas you want to share? Leave them in a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Vampire Mask

Hiya Jammers!
Sorry for this odd-timed post, I was away for the whole day at the Art School. But now since I'm back I guess I should post. Of course, this post will be rather short because I have a jab to do tomorrow so I should really go get some rest. And wow, I REALLY need to hire some authors :o Anyways, today's new item is the returning Vampire Mask!
I like the little bat flying next to the mask so much! Although, not a huge fan of vampires... Also, I have added a little more features to the blog. Now, there are more songs in the playlist for you to choose and I turned the Snowflake symbols to the title too. I will be adding more later, I added these small features because I didn't have much time to add more. Now lastly, today's gif! 
Oh wow :o Gotta love Dachshunds! ♥ Such adorable wittle critters :3 Also, I have to apologize for my repeatitive posts I'm not usually the person to repeat things over and over but I jsut have no choice, it's really hard to think of anything at this point. But I will try to make my posts better for you to read! Well that's all for today's post, Keep On Jamming!
PS: If you have any ideas that I could use, leave them in a comment below. I'll give you full credit for it!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hockey Mask and more!

Hiya Jammers!
So sorry for this rather odd-times post. I have been reallyu busy with Art School. Since now I'm on a week off from school I can go to Art School even more (Usually I would go there 1 time a week) The School itself is so amazing, I have already crated a bunch of drawings there and they also allow you to sculpt and stuff like that :3 (I'll share my drawings/sculptures when I claim them back) Today, we only have 1 item returning. But because there's not much to post about in the Animal Jam Topic, I'll add in another silly topic to make the post mroe interesting. So first, the new item, the Hockey Mask!
This item looks great :3 Kinda reminds me of the Serial Killer from the Mexican Chainsaw :o Gotta ♥ Horror movies :3 In fact, tomorrow I'll be watching my 500th horror movie ever! I'm so excited! Speaking about movies... Remember when I promised I would do a Movie review? Well, it's time! At this point I think that msot of you heard about the movie, Maze Runner
The movie is absolutely amazing! During the whole movie I was just thinking to myself: ''What's going to happen next!?" The Special effects were trully amazing! I especially liked the ''villains'' in this movie which are the Greavers. Slimy robotish creatures that can sting you.
Kinda reminds me of Bionicles (Lego Robots that weren't humanish back in the day) This is the Bionicle robot that really reminded me of the Grevers:
Pretty simmilar, eh? At the end, the W.C.K.D. director just tells us that this was only the 1st phase of the experiment, so there will definetly be more Parts to come later. I really can't wait :o So that's all about for today. I'll be updating AJH tomorrow (Hopefully) The music list will be updated, the Contest should be done soon also. So be sure to come back and check if there's anything new! I'll leave you off with this Gif I found! 
Ok, 2 things... 1, I want a tiger now... 2, how did the person get an actual Tiger?! :o Tigers are such cuties :3 Well that's all for this post! Have any ideas on what items should come to AJ? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!
PS: Sorry if this didn't turn out as interesting as I thought it would

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Eyeball Hat and A bunch of leaks!

Hiya Jammers!
So sorry about this odd-timed post. I have a little cold and it is somehow tiring me... In other news, there have been so many leaks lately! (Polar Bearts, New Pet and New Item) I'll of course, add them to this post, but you should know that I don't own the pictures. Actually, no one knows where they came from except the Polar Bear one, which was found on some person's Instagram. So let's get on with the post, shall we? First, today's new item, the returning Eyeball Hat!
Not much to talk about this item, all I can say is that it's awesome and they finally fixed the sides! Last year they were a little bit more square-y
So yea, that's a little update to the look :3 I think I'm the only one who noticed... Next come the leaks, but before that I have to inform:
Okay, so the leaks... I think that Hackers hack into the AJ Mainframe and download all the files that include the upcoming features. Although, it might as well be that AJHQ is just hiding them around Animal Jam (Like put them in Diamond shop for some time, like 2-3 minutes and then take them out. Of course, making them impossible to obtain) and people that are lucky find them. Recently, there have been Leaks of the Upcoming animal, Polar Bear
Such a cutie! And look, it will be able to go to the oceans! Hopefully I'll save up or obtain 10 Diamonds until they come out. Next comes also a leaked photo of a brand new pet, the Lion Cub
Scientists would be so mad at AJHQ for this. I think everyone knows, that Lion Cubs don't have the Mane until they grow up (If they're Male) But, this pet definetly looks promising, I'm looking forward to seeing this around Jamaa! Maybe there will be an option to take off the mane? Future will tell :o Now lastly, an item, possibly a Jamaalidays gift was spotted in someone's den (I don't know much details)
This sure looks like Jamaaliday-ish, it's kinda like a ramp. Maybe there will be a feature, where you will be able to play with your pets in your den? I actually have been asking AJHQ to let pets be more alive, by that I mean let them move in dens, walk, eat, drink and stuff like that.
DISCLAIMER: These pictures are from Animal Jam Spirit 
Well I think that's all for now! I'll elave you off with a gif :3 (This time no falling people or anyone getting hurt, sorry about the gifs that were posted yesterday, just thought I could unveal some more of my personality) 
Hue Hue Hue! Such a cutie that seal is :3 Also a little fact: 
Well did you know that? If your cat scratches everything a lot, it is just best to either buy a Scratching post or only cutting off the tips of the claws. What other items would you like to see come next to Jamaa? Do you think those Leaks are real? If so, do you think Hackers leaked them? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Rare Spooky Top Hat and Mummy Mask

Hiya Jammers!
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I wanted to finish doing the homework before the holidays ended, (So there wouldn't be any stress at the end :P) also, sorry for this rather strange-timed post. I can't seem to find time to pos. Now I usually am either Busy or Away... Anyways, today is Monday, and you all knwo what that means Rare Item Monday! For this monday we have a new Halloween-special (Maybe) rare, The Rare Spooky Top Hat!
 Interesting color match... I guess when the Black/orange items gain the Purple color, the item becomes Spooky. I never actualyl found Black/Orange/Yellow/Purple scary, they are actually some of my favorite colors :P Next comes yesterday's item, the Mummy Mask!
I think that they released the Mummy Mask in the Haunted Forest party too.. But eh, the more - the better! Well that's all for the new items, I'll leave you off with a Gif! 
I have such dark sense of humor... Everytime I see someone get hurt or fall down I laugh, and I don't know why :P I laughed for 10 minutes at this... As an extra I'll throw in another gif :3
Hue Hue Hue, that's what you get for going trough a closed path >:3 And another...
This is how I usually feel when I'm on social networks and stuff like that.. Well that's all for today! Have any other ideas on what the next item/items should be? Leave them in a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Trick-or-Treat Basket, Mystical Potion Set and secrets in Bitter Sweets

Hiya Jammers!
Since today is Saturday, I am able to post earlier and a longer post :3 Today we have 2 new items in store for us in Jamaa so let's get started, shall we? First off, the brand new clothing item, the Trick-or-Treat basket!
 Finally! This item has finally came! I have been waiting for this item to come out the second I saw it in the Jamaa Journal!
And the best part about this item is that it's for all Jammers! The only thing I don't understand is why is it a back item? It could have been a head/leg item too, it would make more sense that way, but eh :P Coming up next a whole brand new item in Jam Mart Furniture, the Mystical potion set!
So pretty! It also has a special effect when you click on the bottles. The bottles release soem sort of gas/steam/flame :3 That's all for the items! I think you all know about Bitter Sweets at this point. But did you know that it has some secrets as well? And I don't mean the gem ones, but the clicky ones! Here are some of them:
These containers can be found in the Lab. When you click on the buttons, this happens:
Creepy Fish and snake like phantoms appear! They look creepy but kinda awesome c:
You can find this grave in the Cemetary (Of course) and when you click on it...
A Diglett/Dugtrio-like creature comes out of the grave! (Diglett is a Ground type from the Kanto region)
Ok, I think this is the most suspicious grave in the Cemetary. And when you click on it...
A Fabulous ghost appears! I'm pretty sure that there are a bunch more of these secret clicky thingies around the adventure, but that's all for today! What other items would you like to see come out next? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

New Animal coming soon, More den space and a Bunch of new items!

Hiya Jammers!
Once again, I have to apologize for this whole week. I'm so sorry I couldn't post this week, as it was the last week until the holidays, there were a lot of tests and stuff like that (I got a lot of great grades though!) While I was away, there has been a lot of things added to the game. So let's start, shall we? First off the Jamaa Journal!
Ok, so, first page... We have news about the arial pets, Owls coming back to Jamaa! (Is it just me, or is it if as they never left? Probably just me..) You can find these adorable little critters in the Diamond Shop
On the 2nd page, we have news about members receiving 100+ items to their den storages! Now members can have 400 den slots! How awesome! I have been asking for this for a long time :o But the worst part about this, is that I expected non-members to also get 100+ slots, so members would have 400 and non-members had 300... Speaking of non-member, my membership expired this Sunday, but I'll be getting one back soon.
3rd page tells us about the Sale that's going on in Jamaa, the Super Sale. In all the stores that have Halloween items, some of the items are 50% off! So be sure to check them out and buy your favorite Halloween accessories cheapier! (Note: Not all of the items are on sale) On this right side we have a reminder, that the Night of Phantoms witll be lasting for a few more weeks.
Last page. We have news about a whole new animal that is soon coming to Jamaa! I REALLY hope that at least this one is for gems! And from the looks of it, I think it's a Polar Bear, because fo the large nose, the habitat and the eyes.
Could it be that AJ is bringing Polar bears to Jamaa? If so that would be so amazing! I really can't wait :o Also, it kind of looks like it will be an animal that will come out around the time of Christmas, so maybe it will be like with the Deers? Maybe it will be for gems? Future will tell.. And now, it's time for the brand new items!
Some pretty amazing items, eh? 2 returning and 2 brand new! And is it just me, or does the Zombie mask look like it belongs on a Snow Leopard? (a lot of questions in this post...) You can find these items in Jam Mart Clothing
Such pretty items :o There have been quite a lot of Haunted/spooky items in Jamaa. And most of them are brand new! :3 You can find these in Jam Mart Furniture
2 returning items over at the Bahari Bargains!
And the returning Feathered mask in Epic Wonders. Well that's all for this post! The upcoming week (October 25th - November 2nd) I'll have a holiday in my country, so no school for me! Hopefully I can upgrade the blog and post more oftenly. If it gets hard in the week after the holiday I'll definetly hire authors, so be sure to come back here and check if the Auditions are up! Did you like the update? What do you think is the upcoming animal going to be? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!