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Monday, 22 September 2014

Trapped Phantom, Rant, Fictional Character and more!

Hiya Jammers!
I am once again sick, so I got to stay home today. It's both a bad and a good thing :o Well today I'll post quite a lot so let's get started! First of all, today's new item, the Trapped Phantom!
This is one of my favorite items of all time! Sadly it's sold in the Diamond shop.. But it does come in 10 different colors! (5 of them are round and 5 of the are square) In Dimond news, today most of Jammer didn't receive a diamond! I bet AJHQ just mixed up a little bit, like me yesterday, I thought it was Friday :B Now next, I have came across a mean Jammer... (Bossy and rude to non-members)
This was the first shot I got when he was telling me to open a store (Because she wanted the archwat and fireplace). So when I said no, she started saying stuff like this:
This was the first rude thing aimed at nms. So then I asked her why she thinks so and this is the chat we had:
(Sorry for the typos :P) So this is aimed both at members and non-members... He says that non-members always look funny (Even though they don't, unless they want to look funny. I think that nms look quite awesome :o) Of course I blocked and reported her. I really don't like people like him... I mean aren't we the same? Both non-members and members are people! Don't act like you were never non-member. We ALL were non-member at some point.. So treat non-members like you treat everyone else! In other Jamaa news, when opening my animal customization board, it glitched up and this happened:
Weird, eh? Everyone jsut vanished and so did I, my chat bubbles didn't show up. But the top bar that says where you are says ''ancientclawz's den'' :P Now lastly, sicne Halloween is coming soon (Not that soon but still..) I thought we could talk about Fictional Characters in each post! In this post, I'll talk about probably the most known one, Slenderman!
Yep, that's him! He's definetly one of my favorite fictional characters, that's for sure! He's a REALLY popular creepypasta. Creepypasta is just a scary story that goes around scaring people. Slenderman himself is a tall (5-10 ft) creature that is described to be wearing a black suit with a red or black tie. He is said to be able to stretch his body parts as much as he wants to! He mostly is in his normal form (without tenticles), But when he turns hostile and attacks, his tenticles just come out. (to help him) People that were his victims, before disappearing were said to always be Anxious, have Paranoya and mostly would be sick.Slenderman appeared in the Egyptian time wall drawings too..
Creepy, eh? So is Slenderman a Mythological crature or a Creepypasta? In either way he doesn't exist.. (maybe :o) There were actually quite a LOT of sightings featuring this creature, mostly in Marble Hornets. Well I think that's all for today! If I find enough time, I might post some extra stuff later, but until then, enjoy this gif! 
That dog is so awesome ♥ He doesn't seem to like being watched... :o And as an extra: 
That's SO me when I'm hungry! :o Well that's all! Did you like today's new item? Do you find it outrageus that members or non-members sometimes treat their opposites like that? Did you like the special ''Fictional Characaters'' add on? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!


  1. Everyone's had to have been a nonmember before. It's not like you start the tutorial being a member.

    1. That's the point! :o Though I do sometimes see new Jammers that are member :P

  2. One time a random rabbit girl said I looked weird because I didn't use female eyes and said I was a boy with a girl name.

    1. Yeah.. I hate when that happens >-< There once was a time when I liked the female eyes a little bit more on some animals than male ones, and some guy just said that I can't wear those :S EYELASHES ARE MEANT FOR EVERYONE!! THERE'S NO PERSON WITHOUT EYELASHESSS :B

    2. False:



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