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Monday, 8 September 2014

Rare Cupcake hats and more!

Hiya Jammers!
Yesterday was such a succesful day! Before I had to walk the dog (It takes around 5-10 minutes) I only had 106 views (For yesterday's stats only) then, when I got back home, there was 226! So in around 5-10 minutes, AJH got 120 views! That's just great in my oppinion! Now, I know, So sorry for the post delay, I was really busy with homework... I had to work with my study partner on a project but I had to make it alone, so it took a WHILE.. Ok, so I'm back and we can post! Today is Monday and Monday means RIM! And for today's RIM, we have a returning, yet amazing item the Rare Cupcake Hat!
It hasn't changed at all, just that it's price rose a bit.. last year I think it cost 777 gems
Yep, it did. I guess the Cupcake hat symbolizes AJ's birthday! How neat! Now next, I came across something really both suspicious and weird..
I was jsut chatting in the Art Studio with a good friend of mine and this Jammer appeared, it semt as he didn't talk at all. Then my friend told me to look on his list and I actually flipped when I saw that.. There is NO way that Jammer is a new Jammer that NEVER went on AJ. He is obviously either a storage/new user switched from old user of a hacker and scammer. Now I know that these rules are pretty well-known, but I'll tell you again. To avoid being scammed/hacked follow these simple rules:
First, the rules to follow so you could avoid being Hacked:
1. Don't trust. Trusting is a form of scamming, in which 1 Jammer that ''trusts'' offers their best items and the 2nd player is SUPPOSED to decline, but they don't always decline. Most people get scammed that way.
2. Don't flash. Flash is another form of scamming, just that people who flash get scammed barely anymore since there's now timing in accepting or declining. But still, don't flash. Especially if the person says: ''Flash me for 10 seconds!''
3. Don't fall for people that say:
''It's my birthday, send me gifts!''
'' I got hacked/scammed! Please donate your items''
''I'm doing a mailtime video, send me items!''
I know that sometimes this might be true, but mostly, it's NOT. So it's always better to use the trading system than sending your items to a complete stranger.
Now, rules to follow if you want to avoid being Hacked:
1. NEVER, I repeat NEVER share your password with ANYONE. The only people that can know your password is you or a trusted grown up. Like your parent. Don't share your password with any of your friends brother/sister neither with anyone else!
2. Don't make your password easy to guess. In some cases, some people who have a small memory make passwords like: ''1234'' or ''password''. Those are wrong. But don't go the hard way as well, don't write random letters or numbers also. Example: ''1A58565646OPIUNKHG" No, don't do this. It will be really hard for you to remember. Use a password that is hard to guess but easy for you to remember!
3. Don't enter ANY membership or item giveaways where they ask for your account info. It will obviously be a scam which will hack you as well.
4. Don't trust any sites that promise you items/membership/gems/diamonds. Now, the most destructive thing in the free things collection, a GENERATOR. A generator is either a download-type file or it's put into a website. It can give you some items, but it WILL harm AJ and it's mainframe/firewall. Are pixels really worth for AJ to close? It's always better work by yourself to get those items.
Now last and the most IMPORTANT rule, DON'T HACK OR SCAM YOURSELF!
Wow, that was a lot of writting, but now that we are out of this theme, let's end this post with today's gif!
Now, I found this both adorable AND funny! The cat is just slapping the dog while sitting on a vacuum cleaner! Well that's all for now, I really hope you liked today's post and that the rules I gave you will help you protect yourself! Have any ideas on the next item? Leave them in a comment below and Keep On Jamming!


    WATCH NO GAME NO LIFE (only if you're 12 or more though hurhur)


  2. I wouldn't necessarily think that the player is a storage or scammer or hacker. The value of a lot of items have gone down recently and players are more willing to trade really good items for what they want. Who knows if someone actually traded their Founder's Hat for a rare Monday item? Good tips though.

  3. i got scammed to. my two rare spiked wrists, yellow and orange. the worst thing is that my bff did it. my user is selenag207. i guess i dont need it but.....


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