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Monday, 22 September 2014

Rare Beard and Pokemon OR and AS news!

Hiya Jammers!
This post will be a little bit different from the other, since I will add some Pokemon and Jamaa news! Starting off, today's new rare item is the Rare Beard!
This looks so pretty ♥ (And has a reasonable price!_ Though, not really wise-looking :P I don't think that scientists (or vikings) could paint their beards purple... You can find this still-summery item on Jam Mart Clothing's 6th page, so be sure to buy it before it leaves! That's all for Jamaa's news! Next comes the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire news! Here's the official trailer for OR and AS! (Game Footage not final)
Amazing, right!? This trailer includes a LOT of info about the new mega evos and the primal forms! (some extras too!) First of all, they have unvealed the abilities of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre! (A really powerful move as an extra) First of all Primal Groudon! 
Primal Groudon:
 Primal Groudon
Type(-s): Ground/Fire
Ability: Desolate Land (Water-types are uneffective and weather changing moves don't work as well)
Catch Rate: 5 (0.7%)
Egg group: Undiscovered
Hatch Time: 30855 - 31109 steps
Height: 11'06" -  16'05" (3.5m - 5m)
Weight: 2094.4lbs - 2204.4lbs (950.0 kg - 999.7 kg)
Pokedex Number - #199 
Region - Hoenn
Primal Kyogre:

Primal Kyogre
Type(-s): Water
Ability: Primordial Sea (Same like Desolate Land, just that makes fire-type moves not work)
Catch Rate: 5 (0.7%)
Egg group: Undiscovered
Hatch Time:  30855 - 31109 steps
Height: 14'09" - 32'01" (4.5m - 9.8m)
Weight: 776.0lbs - 948.0lbs (352.0 kg - 430.0 kg
Pokedex Number - #198
Region: Hoenn
That's all for those two! Groudon is a beast going to be a BEAST! Imagine it headbutting your Umbreon with it's (almost) 1 ton body! (especially with the power pressure!) Now, next, as seen in the trailer, we got 3 new Mega Evolutions! Which were actually quite wanted! First, Mega Camerupt!
He looks amazing! His 2 humps that were non-erupted volcanoes in it's past form, now become 1 huge volcano. It grows some extra hair as well! :o Next, comes the Mega Sharpedo!
It's appearance doesn't change much, he earns some extra yellow stripes and becomes a bit longer. I personally love Mega Sharpedo's look a lot! He looks like a tiger shark! Now, the last Mega that was confirmed in this trailer is the Mega Gallade!
Now for Mega Gallade, I think that a lot of us were expecting for him to get a Mega Evolution, since it would be unfair if only Gardevoir got one.. Mega Gallade's appearance actually changes quite a lot! He get's a cape, the blades on his arms become more longer and sharper, his stance doesn't change a lot, though. That's all for the pokemon news, I'll end this post up with a gif! 
Ehh of course Sandshrew lifts, he's a Ground type! Poor Pikachu though :o Well that's all for now! Did you like today's rare? What about this post? Did it intrest you? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

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  1. Omg that beard though XDD



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