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Friday, 19 September 2014

Pet Monkeys, TBA and more!

Hiya Jammers!
I am so sorry I didn't post yesterday, I had to get ready for some tests I had today. It seems that school will be taking a lot of time, so I might not be able to blog at some points, but even though, I didn't post yesterday, we still got 100+ views! I'm so thankful to everyone for viewing this blog! (We're near 16,000 :o) Ok so let's get to the new stuff around Jamaa! First off, the Jamaa Journal!
First page, first news, quite exciting too! The pet monkeys have (Finally) returned! And ocne again they are Diamond Shop pets (sadly..)
I think it's nice to have a little silly companion along with you. Now, speaking of pets.. I want to talk to you about TBA.. Most of you may have heard of this by now, but if you didn't here's what it is: It's basically an alpha version of some new Pet Only Adventure.. There are a lot of guesses on what the name ''TBA'' could stand for. Some say that it means ''To Be Announced", others say it means ''The Beta Adventure'' I agree with the 1st one most, because it wasn't yet announced. The adventure itself seems like it's in Alpha, because fo these reasons:
1. Liza is named ''???"
2. She says weird unformed things, like: '' Welcome! Go do stuff before time runs out. 17 minutes.'' or" ''Time's up! I'll say this and disappear. You can leave now."... Creepy, eh?
3. Weirdly drawn designs, like the secret log thing..
Disclaimer: I don't own this picture.
When you step on it, the lanterns start to glow light blue and float and the log just comes out of the ground.
4. Next, the ''Enable Cheat?'' thing..
Weird, right?
5. The void room..
Last time I went there before AJ restarted... There was an undentified animal saying ''Help me''. That freaked me out so badly... I couldn't get the picture because I got logged out when I saw it >.<
6. There were some cool places with items/objects that never were seen. Like the little phantom, the swamp  and the pumpkin patch..
If you look closely near the cut down tree, there's a little phantom floating around... (it's a creepy phantom forest made out of Spooky Trees)
This is what the swamp looks like, it's just a lot of tree stumps that you can walk on, it leads to no where
I think that's all for the adventure.. Also, when AJ restarted, TBA just disappeared. I think that it was just a leaked or an early put in adventure. Now, after AJ restarted I also noticed something strange with my account.. I couldnt trade or gift anymore...
 The trade/gift options are just blacked out.. I really hope this gets fixed soon >.< Let's move on to the other news!
Next, is the new game, Spot On, located in Kimbara Outback! 
This. Game. Is. Absolutely. Amazing. I have already achieved a LOT of achievements. And quite a lot of gems... There are 5 main guessing courses, with the following Animal types:
1. Mammals
2. Lizards & Amphibians
3. Birds
4. Bugs
5. Marine Life
After you get all 15 stars from the following types, you will unlock some special type where there's an Elephant shadow in it. It looks quite neat. I'm already half way there! Bugs will probably be hardest because I get freaked out by spiders easily.. Those eyes... Movign on! :3
Now, a page about pandas! Unfortunetly, pandas will only be returning the next update..sob sob.. All though, we do have an awesome video!
So cute ♥ I still wonder why in the animations, animals can make those half circle eyes, and they can't do them in real. Or why can't otters have those eyes as well.. Moving on!
Lastly, we have news about AJHQ adopting an otter and Autumn taking over Jamaa! I was thinking of changing the blog's theme, but I'm not too sure.. Comment if you agree or disagree..
Autumn is definetly my favorite time of year because of these 2 simple things:
1. School (sometimes can be annoying and sometimes it's nice!)
2. The colors in the nature! ♥ ♥ ♥
Also, since Autumn stroke, I guess we're about to reach Thanksgiving and Night Of Phantoms! (I can't wait!) Lastly, the new items that we got! (Both from today and yesterday) First, yestarday's new item, The Wheelbarrow Planter!
This might be one of the most beautiful items in Jamaa! I am totally going to use this item, and a LOT. This is sold in Treetop Gardens :3 Now, today's new item, is the Ruby Ring!
So pretty! The ornament is pretty as well! You can find this in Epic Wonders (I guess you can tell by the price) That's all for now! Did you like the update? What about TBA, do you have any thoughts on it? If you do, what are they? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

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