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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Leaf Pile and Rake, The Rake and Halloween costume ideas!

Hiya Jammers!
This post will also be special, because ti will include today's new item, a fictional character AND some Halloween costume ideas, so let's get started! Today's new item is the Leaf Pile and Rake
Quite awesome, eh? And it's for everyone too! This is a little bit creative, since they jsut added a rake to the Leaf Pile item :P I wonder when that's coming out! :o Next, come some Halloween costume ideas (Both for Jamaa and in Real)
Jamaa's costume ideas:
1. Cowboy:
What you'll need:
1. Any animal
2. A cowboy hat (Can be found in the Horses only Party)
3. Any color Ribbon Scarf (Jam Mart Clothing)
4. Lasso (Trading or adventuring)
5. Cowboy shoes (Jam Mart Clothing, I think.. If not, then probably trading)
Non-members can also use this outfit, but just with the Ribbon Scarf, you don't need that many things to be a cowboy :3
What you'll need:
1. A horse
2. Ram Horns (Jam Mart Clothing)
3. Deer Fur (Jam Mart Clothing)
4. Elf Bracelets (Horses Only Party)
5. Any back item that you like (Adventuring/shops/trading)
Sadly this costume can be made only by members since the ram horns are member-only items. Sorry non-members :(
3. Spirit
What you'll need:
1. Any animal
2. A Feathered mask (Trading. Non-members can put on any masks that are for all Jammers!)
3. Any back item that you want (Trading/Shop/Adventuring)
4. Elf Bracelets (Horses Only Party, non members can use gloves, or Freedom leaf bracelets)
5. You can use either a neck item or no neck item!
4. Any pokemon of your choise (In this case I'll go with Sawsbuck)
What you'll need:
Any animal and any sort of items. Dress the animal to look as simillar as the pokemon you're trying to make. If Pikachu (For everyone) you can make it yellow (Color 1) make it's ears black (Color 2) and for pattern, choose lighting and make it brown or black! Simple, eh? For Mightyena, you can make a spare Wolf or Hyena with the name: Mighty Thehyena (sounds a lot like Mightyena). Well that's all for Jamaa's outfit ideas, let's move on to real life costumes!
Jack Skellington, this is  one of the most amazing Halloween costumes I have ever seen! ♥o♥
I think this character is really formilliar to Doctor Who fans! The Weeping Angel. Such a beautiful costume :o
This is the Mozilla Firefox icon, it's neat but.... it seems so uncomfortable to walk like that :o
Lastly, the Mismagius costume! (Mismagius is a ghost type pokemon) Clearly one of my favorites :3 Next comes The Rake!
The Rake is a creepypasta, mostly described as a pale creature that is mostly seen to walk on it's arms and legs, Around the years of 1900-2014 there have been some sightings of this creature in houses, woods and even on or under the bed. (Bad dog?)
This was taken by an anonymous person who disappered a week later.. (weird, eh?)
This was also taken by an anonymous user, who claims that a pale hand came out of under his bed. I find this not real, since the person HAPPENED to have a camera with him when some hand came out of under his bed :P Doesn't sound believeable too..
As for this one, this was spotted near a wooden house, the picture isn't really clear, but you can tell by the face and arm that it's obviously the Rake. He mostly appears for a few moments and then disappears. (I don't know much about this guy, but all I know is that he and Slenderman would make a great rivalry!)
Yea.. That would be awesome to see.. :o Also an update on the gifting/trading disable, a good friend of mine sent me a gift and when I tried to accept it, this happened!
And yes, I did contact AJHQ about this. Lastly, today's gif! 
SO ADORABLE!! :O Is that some sort of trans that hypnotizes animals? :o I should try that sometimes :P Well that's all for today! What other items would you like to see come next to Jamaa? Leave a comment below and Keep on Jamming!


  1. I'm really scared now. About creepy pasta. NO IM SERIOUS IM GOING TO DIE IOM SO SCARED IM FROZEN ITS NIGHT HERE HELP ME!!!!!!!

  2. I love the cowboy outfit =D
    If you havent ever heard of cosplay you should google it up =)
    I'd love to cosplay Mikasa ^_^



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