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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Large Trunk and a Huge Rant/Idea! (Kinda important)

Hiya Jammers!
Still no school today, so yay! (I'll be going to school by tomorrow so also Yay! :3 I don't know what wrong with me v.v) Today we have quite an interesting item, the Large Trunk! :3
Now why this item is interesting, is that it's sold in a store that barely has new items anymore, Royal Ridge, the store at the top of Coral Canyons. I find this item kinda unfair to both non-members and memebrs that don't have an eagle, since it can only be obtained by people with eagles.. There should REALLY be a non-member gem flying animal! :o And the worst part is, it's not even ''Large!''
A bunny is actually taller than this.. Also when you click on it;
Sports stuff.... (Not a huge fan of sports :P) 
Now, time for the rant:
Would it kill you to be a little bit more nicer?
If you picked something that the other person dropped?
If you give your seat to an Elder in a Train/Bus?
If you weren't selfish and shared?
I think those questions came to our heads once, didn't they? I bet that most of you came across a lot of people that were rude, mean or even selfish and at least 80% of the times, you got mad/sad after you came across those people and unleashed your anger on someone else. I actually see that quite a lot (It is really sad to see >.<). Wouldn't it better if we stood there strong as 1 HUGE nation? Imagine, no wars, fights, bullying, just PEACE! I know that ost of you think that we are really far apart from each other, but are we? Look outside, there are a bunch of people outside just like you and me. We aren't different in ANY ways. Sure maybe our skin color, hair color, eye color, personalities might be a ltitle bit different, but still, that makes NO difference, Color doesn't matter! We're all the same! There are no better ones, and there are no worse ones, we're all equal! I know that there will be a lot of people that will try to get you down, but don't give up. If someone's bullying you, tell a teacher or your parents! (Any grown-up) If someone's threatning you or your friend, also tell any grown-up that you know can help! If you see someone bullying someone, don't just stand there and watch, call someone, do something! The world will be a WAY better place if you start being nice to someone, since the kindness will carry on! Here's a video that I found that really could get this rant going!
This video just put the whole idea together :3 so don't forget to Share Kindness. If you help someone, maybe it will carry on? Who knows? Lastly, today's gif! 
So adorable! ♥ I can't wait for pandas to returning to Jamaa this Thursday how about you? Did you like today's new item? What about the rant? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!


  1. Someone threw a penny at my mom's car while we driving out of BigLots one time.. XD


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