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Friday, 26 September 2014

Chest of gems and Halloween house decorating ideas!

Hiya Jammers!
In today's psot I will include today's new item and some decorating ideas for Halloween so let's get started! First off, today's new item, the Chest Of Gems!
This item is so amazing! You can create treasure hunts in your den using these! Or a scavenger hunt :o In any way, this item will serve you good! Now, the halloween decorations ideas!
Jack-o-lanterns made out of Jars. What will you need:
1. A Jar
2. Any color paint (Orange, red, yellow and green are the most common ones)
3. Permanent Marker
4. Either a candle or some sort or other thing that produces light.
Steps on how to make them:
Take the Jar and color it from the inside ANY color you want. Let it dry. In the mean time while it's drying take your permanent marker and draw a silly/scary face on the outside of your Jar. When the paint is dry, light the candle/light sourceand carefully put it inside. And that's how you make it!
These follow the same rules, just that they are a little bit more complicated.
Have a friend that's born on Halloween? Or maybe you want to surprise that special someone? In either way, you should definetly try this! What you'll need:
1. A jar
2. Paper
3. Permanent Marker
4. Any sort of candy (It's best if they all are the same color)
5. String
Steps on how to make them:
Take your jar and pour in the candy. (The Jar can be both small and big, depends on the amount of candy) Take the lid and close the Jar. If your lid has a white top, draw some black stripes on it (Optional, if you don't want to, you can skip this step). Wrap the string around and make a tag using the paper and write something Halloweeny on it like: ''Boo" ''Happy Halloween" and if you're a pokemon fan (And so is the person you're going to gift this to): Pikaboo!e. Take the permanent marker, and draw a silly/scary face on the jar and let it dry. And you're finished!
Well I think that's all for the little decoration/gift ideas. Note: I do NOT own the pictures. I'll leave you off with a gif!
Awwwh so cute ♥•♥ Well that's all for today, if I'm not too busy I might post something else today. Did you likes today's new item? Do you find it ''creative''? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!


  1. Those ideas are so cute =D
    Hurhurhur that cute kitty <33


  2. Ohhh my goodness :3 I love the spooky purple jars ;D

  3. Wow! I love how the candle would glow inside those purple jars! AMAZING! Also that kitty is so cute! I've just read ALL the warriors books so I'm totally into cats now!


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