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Thursday, 4 September 2014

AJ's birthday New Pet Sugar Gliders, New Alphas and more!

Hiya Jammers!
My appologies for this unusual timing post, I was really busy with school stuff today and I only now got away from it. So, let's post, shall we? Today we have an AMAZING new update for AJ! Let's start with the Jamaa Journal!
 First page, already exciting! The new pet sugar gliders have just appeared in the Diamond Shop! What adorable little critters!
 These. Are. Just. The. Most. Adorable. Little. Things. Ever. I am totally going to buy this once I buy my kangaroo animal! These are just too adorable to not have. Sadly they are for diamonds and not ofr all Jammers :( Moving on
Next page even more news! On the left side we have news about the Jamaa's Birthday Party returning this year, so keep on the look out for it on the Party list! I already went there and the party was the same, but 1 new thing REALLY made me happy! When I checked the bronce alpha statue store, I saw something just so amazing!
These are just SO amazing! I have been waiting for diamond shop animals to have alphas for SO long! Ok now let's get over with the main stuff, here are the names:
Cheetah alpha - Olivia
Kangaroo alpha - Boomer
Hyena alpha - Biff
Arctic Wolf alpha - Juno
Snow Leopard alpha - Jade
Otter alpha - Hudson
Lion alpha - Atlas
Eagle alpha - Valentina
I did NOT expect this! I am so happy about this though! Next, we also have a new code for the new Birthday cake!
The code is: AJBDAY4! I was bored so I just clicked the cake around before taking it :P Moving on!
Next, we have some great news! There is a brand new armor set in the Diamond shop and the Egyptian Treasure items will be appearing in Jamaa's stores! First, the armor!
Now, now, I know it's a bit too shiny and all, but the best thing I like about this set is..
This! Both the gountlets and the tail are for all Jammers! This is the FIRST ever armor set in the Diamond Shop to have at least 1 part that is for all! This just makes me so happy! Next the Egyptian Treasure items!
Ok, all of these are REALLY amazing, but if I had to pick my favorite, it would be the Golden Puzzle Cube thing! It just has such an amazing action when you click on it! There aren't any other items with this, but don't worry, there's so much to come! So keep your eyes peeled! Moving on..
Now this page, tells us about 1 of Jamaa's msot beloved animals coming back soon! I'm guessing it's the panda because of the question mark's design! For the right side, we have news about the Beta party leaving... Which is really sad... Be sure to grab ALL of the items that are sold there or ask a friend of your's to buy them for you if you're a non-member. Moving on!
Next, we have news about the Summer Carnival leaving as well but with a little thing that will make you happy. Now ALL of the Summer Carnival accesories are 50% off! So be sure to grab your favorites!
That's awesome, right? Moving on to the Last page!
The last page doesn't really introduce us to anything new, but it reminds us that we can buy diamonds in the Animal Jam Outfitters. Lastly, today's new item.
The Bunny claw. This is perfect if you are collecting the claws! That's all for today Jammers! Did you like today's update? How are you planning on spending Jamaa's 4th birthday? Leave a comment below and Kepp On Jamming!


  1. At first I thought Boomer was a Jack Rabbit. O<O.
    Here's a link to help with the cake 030:




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