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Friday, 29 August 2014

Vine Anklet!

Hiya Jammers!
Since I have no work today, I will get this post posted earlier! First, today's new item the Vine Anklet!
I have no complains, this item is amazing! It goes well both with the nature in Jamaa and both is great for outfits! I have an idea for AJ's new item also I thought it would be so awesome if AJHQ released wristband/bracelet stacks!  What bracelet/wristband stack are you ask? They are basically just a lot of bracelets/wristbands on 1 hand. And if we change colors, I think there should be way more orders, like the wristbands/bracelets could change order, not just the color. To give you some ideas on how they could look like, I found some pictures to share with you!
It's basically something like this, there are a lot of bracelets/wristbands in one place, so that's what makes it stack.
Or perhaps even this?
Or even this! In any way, it would look amazing! Just imagine how awesome it would be, if everyone was wearing stacks of bracelets/writbands! How about you, do you like this idea? Next, a fact surprise attack! And this fact attack's theme is: Girrafe
Did you know, that a giraffe can lick inside it's ears?
How about that the giraffe is only tall because of it's towering legs and it's neck?
Well how about that giraffes eat most of the time and, like cows, regurgitate food and chew it like cud?
I think that's all for today. What other items would you like to see next? Did you ever notice, that if I add a ''!'' at the end of my titles, the post is either longer or has more info? Did you know those things about giraffes? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

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