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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Turning the Tide, Otters coming soon, New Items and more!

Hiya Jammers!
What an amazing morning we have here, so sunny and warm! Along with this beautiful morning, we have an update from the AJHQ! I will also add some screenshots I took of the new adventure, but first let's start with the Jamaa Journal!
First page, big news already! We have a new adventure in store for us, Turning The Tide, Jamaa's newest ocean adventure! In this adventure, you battle phantoms, collect valves, find the skeleton key and rescue Tavie, the dolphin alpha! Here are the screenshots I took while I was playing the adventure!
Bottlenose Captain... That seems neat! Also, she is the FIRST non-alpha Jammer that got that little bubble!
Next, a phantom that is riding a bike like device which creates a pressure against us. This is both hilarious and neat!
These are the dolphin troops that the Bottlenose Captain leads in battle, there are so many!
This is the skeleton key, you can unlock a LOT of things with it! Trap Bubbles, Doors and so much more. With this single key, you can unlock all the trapped troops in this adventure!
This is Tavie using her magic to break out of her trap bubble. (Am I the only one here who thought Tavie was a male?) She also has an underwater Mech angel helmet sort of thing!
This is Tavie and the troops before breaking the boulder to get to the surface!
This is Tavie, me and the rest of the Alphas at the Surface!
Also, you can now use whirlpearls in the air? Try using them near Blue fishes and they will swim away from the explosion!
This is the first prize I got in this adventure, the Dolphin Statue. (You can get it at the top right chest) That's all for the screenshots, let's move on to the rest of the update!
On the second page, we have news about the Otters. It turns out they will be coming the next update... I hope they will be fore gems! On the right side, we have news about a new animated video featuring the Otters, Otterly Fun. Be sure to check it out :3 Moving on!
On the next page, we have news about the Den Item Contest, and it looks like the Icecream Parlor won! Yay! You can grab the items from Jam Mart Furniture!
These items are so awesome! I love that at least half of them is for everyone! There will be more items coming so keep an eye out for them! Moving on!
On the 4th page we have some reviews about the Animal Jam Official Insiders Guide! Not that much here so let's move on!
And we reached the last page of this update's Jamaa Journal! On the left, we have news about the Pet Sale where every pet has a 50% discount! That means all gem pets are sold for 200 gems, while the diamond pets are sold for 2 diamonds, so be sure to use this discount to get your favorite pets! On the right side, we have news about the new Den Preview feature! You just go to a store and pick a den and click the Preview Button at the bottom right!

When you click that Preview button you will appear at the selected den, just that it will be empty. There will be 2 buttons at the bottom of it though!
Click back to return to the place you left and buy to buy the den. I think this is a pretty cool and helpful feature! You can see the den before you buy it! I think that's all for this update! I will post the party details later. What did you think of this week's update? Did you enjoy it or not? Were you expecting the otters to come out this update or next update? Leave a comment below on what you think and Jam On!


  1. I like Tavie's mech owo
    Why do Alphas always have cool clothes and we don't Dx


  2. The adventure looks so cool! So many dolphins. The Bottlenose Captain looks amazing. A she, right?


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