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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sir Gillbert's Portrait, Otters and rants

Hiya Jammers!
I have quite a lot to post about today so let's get started! First today's new item, Sir Gillbert's Portrait!
The Frame is just amazing, I love how they added Sir Gillbert's wind cuffs :o This is so far my favorite for some reason... Is it because Sir Gillbert is my favorite alpha? Hmm.. In Otter news (Pun), I just got my Otter animal just today!
They are so amazingly adorable! If I can figure out how, I'll make a gif showing you it's actions :3 Next, 1st rant, the Clearance Rant! Have you noticed that a LOT items have been on clearance? These are items are on Clearance right now.. ( I didn't add the Periodot Birthstone and Monkey Claw because there will be other items to replace them)
Crazy, right?! Why though...? Why is AJHQ getting rid of the old items? Are they making space for the new items? What do you think? Next, the 2nd rant (Not really a rant, but maybe?). I think these chat bubbles are quite formilliar:
These are chat bubbles that fool a LOT of Jammers, and that's how people get scammed... But think about it.. When there are only 1 Million hackers or scammers in Jamaa, and while the rest is not. Don't you think we can deal with them? I mean it's like 1 against 1000000! Let's start a new Era in Jamaa, where there won't be any scaming or hacking! And when people say they want the beta back, do you think they mean the items or the way Jammers used to get along? If you're a scammer or hacker and reading this, stop it. It won't get you anywhere. Your name might be famous later, but for what? Scamming? Hacking? Everyone will be scared of you. Later you'll be scared of yourself as well... So it's better to stop! Besides, it has no purpose, like you're just taking pixels. PIXELS!
Let's take these planet walls for an example. They might seem like a colorful beautiful item, but let's zoom in..
This is Small zoom. Which already shows pixels, if you can't see them let's zoom in more, shall we?
As we zoom in, more pixels are shown... Let's just zoom in a little more...
Yep, that's what you're stealing. A bunch of PIXELS. Which are just small colorful blocks that CAN'T be taken out of the game. So there you have it. You're stealing JUST blocks (This applies if you're a Scammer or a Hacker)! Lastly, today's gif :3
so dang ADORABLE! Random sleepy wash :3 That's all for today Jammers! What other items would you like to see come next to Jamaa? What about the rants, do you agree with them? Leave a comment below and Jam On!


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