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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Otters, Exhibits, Tides and more!

Hiya Jammers!
Today's Thursday, and I think you all know what that means, it's Update Day! For this update we have a lot to post about so let's get started! Let's begin with the Jamaa Journal
This. Is. Horrible. Why AJHQ?! Why!? Why are all the newest animals in the diamond shop!? I'm really sad about Otters being in the Diamond Shop... They are way too small to cost 10 diamonds! But something in this round picture cought my eye. Those birds in the background, are those white eagles or seagulls? What if the birds that are in the background will be the new upcoming animal? Future will tell. Now for the Otters!
So adorable! *o* I'm only 1 diamond short from buying an Otter, yay! I'm not sure though, should I buy an Otter or a Kangaroo? What do you think? In other otter news, there's now an Otter badge!
That's a cool looking badge. I might start wearing it :3 Moving on!
On the next page we have news about the Sea Otter Minibook and an Otter Exhibit. You can find the Minibook in Chamber of knowledge, 1st floor near the main entrance.
This is what it looks like. So amazing! Also, a tip. When you're reading the mini book be sure to click these little badges around the pages. They are first black and white but when you click on them, they gain color. This is what the first one looks like:
When you'll collect them all, you'll get a special gem bonus. Neat, right? Now for the Otter Exhibit, you can find it in the Conservation Museum.
Be sure to check it out! Moving on!
On this page we have news about a brand new sale in Jamaa and the Turning The Tide adventure getting a Hard Mode! (The Prizes you can get there are amazing, they come in endless colors!) The sale is located at the Sol Arcade.
Now you can purchace your favorite games with a 50% off. That's great :3 Now, for the hard mode. I already went there twice and all I got was a Brigade helmet (Top Left) and gems (Top Middle)
This is the Brigade helmet, it's pretty much like the Lionfish armor helmet just that ir's for all!
Yep, that's right you can get these when you're a member and use them when you're a nonmember, that's awesome! Now for something I noticed, the Trading System changed a lot...
This is great! A little bit glitchy though... Personally, I have nothing against this trading system redesign :3 Moving on to the next page!
On the next page we have an Alpha Spotlight on Tavie, the dolphin Alpha. Her little seahorse pet is so adorable! That's the weirdest part I've never seen any alphas with pets... ever...
On the last page, we have news about brand new things arriving to the Animal Jam Outfitters. I checked, and there weren't any new items. Instead of that, there were less. All the sidekix plushies are gone! Now lastly, today's new item and daily gif. Today's new item is sold at Jam mart Furniture. It's the Liza Portrait!
This is both cool and a bit creepy... Liza's head is hanging on your den's wall... Now as for the daily gif, I found this awesome gif featuring an otter!
What a smart otter... She got us some canned soup :3 That's all for now! Did you like today's update? If you did which was your favorite part? Leave a comment below and Jam On!


  1. I hated this update... it sucked ):

    Victory, going on every Blog to rant about this sorry excuse for an update

  2. WAAAH they are member aj is being selfsih :'(


  4. the new alpha is basically winter the dolphin. here is the link to learn more about her!


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