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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Ice Cream Parlor Jukebox and more!

Good morning everyone!
Today we have an amazing groovy item to go along with the newest Ice Cream Parlor item set, The Ice Cream Parlor Jukebox, sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 400 gems.
This item looks amazing! It is also animated, when you click it, it starts to play music (A bunch of music notes fly around). I am definetly going to be adding this to my new Ice Cream parlor den! I also have a little adventure prize guide for Turning the Tide for everyone!
Phantom Fan: Top Left
Trident Pot: Bottom Left
Bottlenose Brigade Statue: Top Middle
1250 gems: Bottom Right
Dolphin Statue: Top Right
I really hope this helped everyone! Also, I have some amazing Blogs and Youtube channels I would like to share with everyone!
This Channel was made by a great friend of mine, Skattlez:
This Blog was made by my amazing friend, Pink200330:
This Blog was made by my great friend, Nafaria9:
These are the 3 this week's featured Jammer blogs and youtube channels, be sure to check them out! Also be sure to follow or subscribe them :3 Know someone who has a great blog or channel and wnat to share it with everyone? Comment it below and they might be featured the next week! Also, I was thinking of adding daily gifs or memes to my posts, what do you think? We could start right now! And this is today's gif:
This is so adorable! This reminds me of my childhood somewhy... I have no idea why... Well that's all for now Jammers! Have any ideas for new items? Leave a comment below and have a great time Jamming!

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