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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hula Skirt

Herro everyone!
Today we have an awesome nature-themed item in store for us! The Hula Skirt :3
I know that this item might seem a little bit humanish and all, but I still think it goes in well with Jamaa. It looks best on animals that seem to dance the Hula. Which would be an Arctic Wolf, A Hyena and a Penguin (I'm not sure about penguin but it's dance is kind of similar to the Hula dance) Speaking of Hula, I made a Hula outift on my Hyena (Not for forever)
So this is what you'll need to make it:
1. Any color Hula Skirt
2. Either cuffs (any color) or Leaf armor (Any color, can also be freedom)
3. Any color lei or leaf necklace.
4. Some naturish head item to go in with the costume.
I hope you like your new Hula Dancer outfit! Now lastly, today's gif which happens to be so true...
My grandma always does that to me ;o; That poor puppy as well... But he's still adorable :3 That's all for today Jammers! Also, so sorry I couldn't get on chat yesterday, my connection is really slow so I can only use 1 tab at a time :c What other items would you like to see come next? Did you like today's new item? Leave a comment below and Jam On!


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