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Friday, 29 August 2014

High Top Sneakers

Herrlo Jammers!
I must apologize for this unpleasant-timed post, I was working once again so I had no internet access. But I'm back now so let's get posting! First, today's new item, the High Top Sneakers!
I know, I know, these are humanish item but it doesn't matter, because they're so radical! I mean just look at them, look at them! they're just so fabulous! Moving on, while hanging out with my buddies I spotted this weird gltich in the Beta Party!
Weird, eh? Everyone there could chat in German only and everything that was in english was in German! I got logged out a small time after so once I refreshed and came back to the party it was normal English party once again. So I guess it's not a forever lasting glitch :P Lastly, today's gif!
That's just adowabable :'3 Sometimes, when my cat washes and I interupt, she forgets to pull her tounge back in, so it just stays sticked out like that, sometimes even longer. That's all for today, Jammers! Have any ideas for new items? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

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