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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Giant Icecream Cone

Hiya Jammers!
We have an amazing new item in store for us today to go along with the icecream parlor theme, The Giant Icecream Cone sold in Jam mart Furniture for 550 gems!
This looks awesome! I already got one with those little popsicle things on it :3 I can't wait for tomorrow's item! (I hope it's for everyone though..) Now, for today's gif!
Aww! That wittle panda cub really loves his ball! That's so adorable :3 That's all for now, Jammers! What other items would you like to see come to the stores of Jamaa? What items are you expecting to see tomorrow? Leave a comment below on what you think and Jam On!


  1. Suddenly rare item monday is Rare Dark Icky Booger Cored Icecream Hat.


  2. Oh my goodness, that Panda is so adorable! x3 And I like the new item, too because of the decorations on the different icecream flavors! :D Oh oh oh! I also found this simply adorable gif you just HAVE to see! o3o

    1. Ikr the panda is so adorable ^-^ Also, I saw a gif with that white cat and bunny like 5 minutes ago! Just that the cat was smacking the bunny XD

  3. I love the panda!

    1. Pandas will take over the world with their adorableness


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