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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Flamingo Balloon Hat and Blog News!

Hiya Everyone!
I have some plans for this week, I will unveal them at the end of this post, so let's get started to get to the end :3 First, today's brand new item, the Flamingo Balloon Hat!
This item looks so realistic! Wouldn't it beawesome if Flamingos became animals in Jamaa? In fact, there is a chance of another flying animal coming soon to Jamaa! Because of this thing I spotted in The Forgotten Desert's description!
I marked the word that cought my eye. As you can see it's ''animals'', which is a plural of animal. So could that mean that there will be even more flying animals in Jamaa? I really hope so! Next, a little glitch I came across...
This happened in the ''Phantom Portal'' hard mode adventure when I was going down a slide. I couldn't escape the void glitch. I had to leave the adventure to escape this glitch! Now for the plans, I am planning to remodel my posts and blog's template! This will be happening either this or next week so keep an eye out for new features! Also, I will be adding special days randomly, so you never know what it will be! Lastly, today's daily gif!

 What scenery! People see sharks as killing machines, I see them as fascinating creatures that are trying to survive :3 That's all for now, Jammers! So what other items would you like to see next in the stores of Jamaa? Leave your ideas in the comment below and Jam On!

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