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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bonsai Trees!

Hiya Jammers!
Today, I'm not as busy as yesterday, so I'll be able to make the post a little bit longer and more interesting then yesterday's. :3 Let's start with today's new item, the Bonsai Tree!
Amazing is the only word I have in my mind when I see this. The best part about this, is that it's for all Jammers to enjoy! It comes in so many different colors. You can find this in Treetop Gardens :3 Now a little fact attack in the theme: Bonsai Trees!
Did you know that a bonsai tree is a unique combination of horticulture and art that is unlike any other potted plant gift that you can find on the market today? In Japanese the word bonsai simply means plant in a tray, but this humble little tree is much more than that. While it does take some meticulous care and pruning, a bonsai can grow to become one of the focal features of your home.They also make a great gift! Here are some of the most amazing looking Bonsais
Pretty *o*
I guess this is the Sakura version of the Bonsai tree :o
And for the last one, a little artsy looking one. This is so creative! Speaking of art, I have came up with another drawing to share with everyone :3 Though, this time I'll be adding a watermark signature so people couldn't take it and claim it as their own.
 What do you think? This took me around 3 hours to draw. Though, this is my 1st bird that actually came out like a real one :o I was also thinking of making more pages, though I need help deciding which ones to add leave your ideas in the comments and I'll think about adding them! What other items would you like to see come next? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!


  1. Those trees are beautiful, and so is your drawing ^_^

  2. That is too good to be true... even though it is! You are a super talented artist! I'm astonished at your work! I love it.


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