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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Backpack and new poll!

Hiya Jammers!
Today  we have a returning item that is JUST in time for school, the Backpack!
This item is great for both rolepaying and just running around! It's a bit sad that Summer is already over, don't you think? Now to it's back to classes, backpacks and notebooks... But there are some things I enjoy at school, such as: Learning and being with others :3 Next, I have put up a new poll on AJH just yesterday. 
This poll is on the right side of the blog
So go ahead and vote, because in 1-2 months I will be making something special. So your vote might change everything! Lastly, today's gif!
The leopard is like: THE CAMERA SHOULD BE ON ME! So precious *w* That's all for today! Be sure to vote on the poll and wait for the results to come out! What other items would you like to see come/return next? Do you have any plans for the last day of Summer? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Vine Anklet!

Hiya Jammers!
Since I have no work today, I will get this post posted earlier! First, today's new item the Vine Anklet!
I have no complains, this item is amazing! It goes well both with the nature in Jamaa and both is great for outfits! I have an idea for AJ's new item also I thought it would be so awesome if AJHQ released wristband/bracelet stacks!  What bracelet/wristband stack are you ask? They are basically just a lot of bracelets/wristbands on 1 hand. And if we change colors, I think there should be way more orders, like the wristbands/bracelets could change order, not just the color. To give you some ideas on how they could look like, I found some pictures to share with you!
It's basically something like this, there are a lot of bracelets/wristbands in one place, so that's what makes it stack.
Or perhaps even this?
Or even this! In any way, it would look amazing! Just imagine how awesome it would be, if everyone was wearing stacks of bracelets/writbands! How about you, do you like this idea? Next, a fact surprise attack! And this fact attack's theme is: Girrafe
Did you know, that a giraffe can lick inside it's ears?
How about that the giraffe is only tall because of it's towering legs and it's neck?
Well how about that giraffes eat most of the time and, like cows, regurgitate food and chew it like cud?
I think that's all for today. What other items would you like to see next? Did you ever notice, that if I add a ''!'' at the end of my titles, the post is either longer or has more info? Did you know those things about giraffes? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

High Top Sneakers

Herrlo Jammers!
I must apologize for this unpleasant-timed post, I was working once again so I had no internet access. But I'm back now so let's get posting! First, today's new item, the High Top Sneakers!
I know, I know, these are humanish item but it doesn't matter, because they're so radical! I mean just look at them, look at them! they're just so fabulous! Moving on, while hanging out with my buddies I spotted this weird gltich in the Beta Party!
Weird, eh? Everyone there could chat in German only and everything that was in english was in German! I got logged out a small time after so once I refreshed and came back to the party it was normal English party once again. So I guess it's not a forever lasting glitch :P Lastly, today's gif!
That's just adowabable :'3 Sometimes, when my cat washes and I interupt, she forgets to pull her tounge back in, so it just stays sticked out like that, sometimes even longer. That's all for today, Jammers! Have any ideas for new items? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bonsai Trees!

Hiya Jammers!
Today, I'm not as busy as yesterday, so I'll be able to make the post a little bit longer and more interesting then yesterday's. :3 Let's start with today's new item, the Bonsai Tree!
Amazing is the only word I have in my mind when I see this. The best part about this, is that it's for all Jammers to enjoy! It comes in so many different colors. You can find this in Treetop Gardens :3 Now a little fact attack in the theme: Bonsai Trees!
Did you know that a bonsai tree is a unique combination of horticulture and art that is unlike any other potted plant gift that you can find on the market today? In Japanese the word bonsai simply means plant in a tray, but this humble little tree is much more than that. While it does take some meticulous care and pruning, a bonsai can grow to become one of the focal features of your home.They also make a great gift! Here are some of the most amazing looking Bonsais
Pretty *o*
I guess this is the Sakura version of the Bonsai tree :o
And for the last one, a little artsy looking one. This is so creative! Speaking of art, I have came up with another drawing to share with everyone :3 Though, this time I'll be adding a watermark signature so people couldn't take it and claim it as their own.
 What do you think? This took me around 3 hours to draw. Though, this is my 1st bird that actually came out like a real one :o I was also thinking of making more pages, though I need help deciding which ones to add leave your ideas in the comments and I'll think about adding them! What other items would you like to see come next? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Peck's Portrait

Hiya Jammers!
Unlike yesterday's post this one will be a little bit short... I have a lot to do before school and I mean a LOT. :T Anyways, today's new item adds a new item to our Alpha Portrait collection! The Peck's Portrait.
I like this one so much! But there's one thing that I'm nto that happy about. The purple ribbons around the frame are a bit too dark so not many notice them. But still an awesome item! Lastly, today's gif!
Looks like someone overworked :3 This is just so adorable *o* What other items would you like to see next? Leave a comment below and Keep On Jamming!
PS: When school strikes, I might not post as early as I do now, so sorry :(

Art Commission for Mythy

 Hiya Jammers!
I have finally finished up another Art Commission! Thisone was requested by Mythy. I really hope that she likes it! 
 Also that green/blue/yellow writting is in Japanese so here's a keyboard with the alphabet so you could translate it:
You might want to zoom in a little. Well that's all for now, I will be posting today's new item in a few minutes so stay tuned! Happy Jamming

Sir Gillbert's Portrait, Otters and rants

Hiya Jammers!
I have quite a lot to post about today so let's get started! First today's new item, Sir Gillbert's Portrait!
The Frame is just amazing, I love how they added Sir Gillbert's wind cuffs :o This is so far my favorite for some reason... Is it because Sir Gillbert is my favorite alpha? Hmm.. In Otter news (Pun), I just got my Otter animal just today!
They are so amazingly adorable! If I can figure out how, I'll make a gif showing you it's actions :3 Next, 1st rant, the Clearance Rant! Have you noticed that a LOT items have been on clearance? These are items are on Clearance right now.. ( I didn't add the Periodot Birthstone and Monkey Claw because there will be other items to replace them)
Crazy, right?! Why though...? Why is AJHQ getting rid of the old items? Are they making space for the new items? What do you think? Next, the 2nd rant (Not really a rant, but maybe?). I think these chat bubbles are quite formilliar:
These are chat bubbles that fool a LOT of Jammers, and that's how people get scammed... But think about it.. When there are only 1 Million hackers or scammers in Jamaa, and while the rest is not. Don't you think we can deal with them? I mean it's like 1 against 1000000! Let's start a new Era in Jamaa, where there won't be any scaming or hacking! And when people say they want the beta back, do you think they mean the items or the way Jammers used to get along? If you're a scammer or hacker and reading this, stop it. It won't get you anywhere. Your name might be famous later, but for what? Scamming? Hacking? Everyone will be scared of you. Later you'll be scared of yourself as well... So it's better to stop! Besides, it has no purpose, like you're just taking pixels. PIXELS!
Let's take these planet walls for an example. They might seem like a colorful beautiful item, but let's zoom in..
This is Small zoom. Which already shows pixels, if you can't see them let's zoom in more, shall we?
As we zoom in, more pixels are shown... Let's just zoom in a little more...
Yep, that's what you're stealing. A bunch of PIXELS. Which are just small colorful blocks that CAN'T be taken out of the game. So there you have it. You're stealing JUST blocks (This applies if you're a Scammer or a Hacker)! Lastly, today's gif :3
so dang ADORABLE! Random sleepy wash :3 That's all for today Jammers! What other items would you like to see come next to Jamaa? What about the rants, do you agree with them? Leave a comment below and Jam On!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Rare Raccon Tail

Hiya Jammers!
Today's Monday and we all know what that means it's Rare Item Monday in Jamaa! Today's rare was ostly hard to find because of the unusual shop place. The item is: The Rare Raccoon Tail!
This. Is. Amazing. This is the first rare to be sold for tickets and at the carnival! You can find this on the 1st page of the Carnival Clothing booth :3 I don't really have a lot to post about for today so I'll just leave you with this funny raccoon gif :3
This is hilarious :o When you think of it, isn't it weird that most footage of Raccoons are just sightnings of them stealing something? What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and Jam On!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hula Skirt

Herro everyone!
Today we have an awesome nature-themed item in store for us! The Hula Skirt :3
I know that this item might seem a little bit humanish and all, but I still think it goes in well with Jamaa. It looks best on animals that seem to dance the Hula. Which would be an Arctic Wolf, A Hyena and a Penguin (I'm not sure about penguin but it's dance is kind of similar to the Hula dance) Speaking of Hula, I made a Hula outift on my Hyena (Not for forever)
So this is what you'll need to make it:
1. Any color Hula Skirt
2. Either cuffs (any color) or Leaf armor (Any color, can also be freedom)
3. Any color lei or leaf necklace.
4. Some naturish head item to go in with the costume.
I hope you like your new Hula Dancer outfit! Now lastly, today's gif which happens to be so true...
My grandma always does that to me ;o; That poor puppy as well... But he's still adorable :3 That's all for today Jammers! Also, so sorry I couldn't get on chat yesterday, my connection is really slow so I can only use 1 tab at a time :c What other items would you like to see come next? Did you like today's new item? Leave a comment below and Jam On!

New Header and Chat

Hiya Jammers!
I know that most of you might have noticed that AJH has gotten a new Header! I know it looks a bit plain but it's better than nothing :3 It took me only 5 minutes to make it and I made it using pixlr.
I think that this Header will go in well. I'll try and change it once in a while. Next I have plans on changing the Favicon as well. It seems way too plain... Lastly I have news about the chat! I'll be chatting today for at least an hour and probably for 3 hours tomorrow. Right after I'll end this post, I'll go to the AJH Chatbox and wait for people to chat with :3 That's all for now, Jam On!